Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Regardless of our goals in life, whether it is to lose weight, have a ton of money, run a marathon, write a novel, or go sky diving there is always a motivation behind the goal. If there was no motivation there would be no reason or point to the goal, right?

So being that we all have our motivation toward our goal (specifically weight loss in my case and I know in MANY of your cases) what is your specific motivation?

I was currently on a blog (and I will not name names because I don't know if my next comments would offend the person - If you know who you are I am hoping this post doesn't offend you. In fact I'd like to thank you for the inspiration for a great post) where she put up pictures of her 'motivational bodies'. This is what got me thinking about a person's motivation for weight loss and how it differs in each person and on top of that what weight loss/body image means and how it differentiates from person to person.

In her blog she had posted pictures similar to this:

Now, I don't know about you, but this DOES NOT motivate me. In fact it makes me slightly ill. The one in the middle has a nice shape but seeing a person's internal organs and skeletal structure goes a bit far for me on the thin = healthy scale.

So what motivates me? Probably what most people in this day and age might call thick, chunky, pudgy or bordering on fat. I call it soft, round and feminine. I don't like being able to see every ab muscle and I don't want to see my hip bones. The only bones that should show are my knee caps (not technically a bone?), my elbows and my collar bone. I think the 1940-1950 era bodies were perfect. For example:

See? Slightly different. Everyones idea of healthy is slightly different. Everyones motivation varies greatly. I personally am motivated by what I am able to attain and what I would like to look like. I do not ever want to be a waif. I never want people to see a six pack on my stomach or ripped biceps. I want to remain soft and supple and feminine.
How about you? What motivates you? If I get enough comment/e-mails or texts I am going to do a follow up post so if it suits your fancy send pics too! I'm very interested in what motivates everyone.
The Fat Chick


  1. I'm with you on this one. The girls in the first pic do not compare in any way to the ones in the other pics. I think most men would probably agree. As for me, I'm more motivated by men who are in shape but not bulging with muscles. Brad Pitt's abs in Fight Club just don't do it for me.

  2. My motivation has more to do with health than size. My mom has a lot of health issues that are directly related to her weight & being prone to them myself, I want to do whatever I can to be healthy and avoid them.

    As for size, I agree completely... the super skinny bikini bodies are a little sickening to me. Slender, but with some feminine softness is my goal. There is a certain amount of motivation that comes from the thought of being able to go to a new mall without worrying if they have a plus-size store.

  3. I have given up on comparing my body to others. I compare myself to myself. I look at fashions in magazines and look at what I can do to improve my physique to be fashipnable. But most of all, I just want to be healthy and to be on this Earth as long as possible.


  4. Definitely agree. I think the pin-up era was when women looked wonderful and, well, like women. The top picture has attractive women but not something I aspire to. But that's me, other people I know would kill to look like that.

    My mini-motivation, the one that keeps me going to the gym and tracking each day is the little tiny changes I see on myself. My main motivation, besides the fact I want to be alive to enjoy the law degree I am busting tail for, is that I am sick of my weight effecting my decisions. I am an energetic, outgoing person. I am 2 steps away from being a rocking lawyer, and I am terrified to speak in front of people or do things that bring attention to myself because of my weight. I chose my clothes on how they best hide me. There is NO ASPECT of my life that is not touched by my weight. I was almost 300lbs when I said enough is enough. I can't be this person, I can't live wishing I was different. I have to make myself different. Great Topic!!!

  5. I love the 1950's woman. I don't want a six pack either. It isn't attractive to me. the main things I want are to not have a muffin top and to be able to just go to a rack and get clothes. Not in the plus size section.....

  6. The girls in the first picture may be seen as attractive, or sexy, but here is the problem...they're not healthy. Their BMI's would most certainly place them in the underweight category. This puts them at risk for many health related complications.
    I agree with you. This does not motivate me.

  7. While I like some 1950s style bodies,I do not want to really have a "thick" body like that. I do want to be one of the slender girls. I don't want to be unhealthily thin, but I do want to be thin like a bikini model. I want to feel my hip bones. I don't want my thighs to touch. I want to be able to see my collarbone. I want to have a toned stomach, not necessarily a 6-pack, but toned. I actually posted my inspiration pics at my blog.


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