Saturday, March 13, 2010


I am pressing the proverbial reset button on my weight loss.

Program installed. (I can't go back to my other lifestyle) Program has glitches. (Every new program has trial and error) Program updated (I have new goals and ideas for accountability to tell you about) NOW RESET.

I am still 'loading' my new goals.

Stay tuned for those.

But my idea for renewed accountability is taking pictures of every little morsel/calorie that enters my mouth. That way if for some reason I am off on my calories or anything seems off or any of you have suggestions you can call me out and give me advice on what I am doing right/wrong.

So here's to a NEW new beginning.

I will be successful on this journey.

I will lose the weight.


ALL 141-161lbs OF IT!!

And I won't be upset if there are more glitches when I 'update my program'. I will continue to update and reset with the goal of reaching my goal weight and a new healthy me.

So stay tuned for pictures of my food.

It starts today.

The Fat Chick


  1. Yo go girl!

    I've had some trials and tribulations on my own journey - it's just a part of life.

    All you need to know if that YOU CAN DO IT and YOU WILL DO IT!

    We are all with you!


  2. Awesome you have come so far and can now adjust your goal as you go along! Cant wait to see your new goals

  3. You can do it, my friend. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like life, it has its ups and downs but we don't quit.

    You'll get there! One step at a time. :)

  4. That's a great idea--taking pictures of what you eat. I think I might join you on that one!

  5. I love this idea too! I took pics of food when we were on vacation, mostly because it looked amazing but also to help me keep track of what I ate when. Its great!


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