Saturday, March 13, 2010



I'm a big girl . . . That is no secret. You can't hide your weight when you are approximately 150lbs overweight. You can't hide 'morbid obesity' with loose hanging material and vertical stripes. AND I look at myself in the mirror everyday. I look at the scale (almost) every day. It's no news to me how big I really am.

And because I have come to terms with my size and am working hard to change it, I am not exactly sure how I feel about a comment a family member made tonight. I'm pretty sure I'm not hurt by it. I'm perfectly sure I am not offended and I am 100% sure that she didn't intend to insult me.

But I thought it was interesting. Freudian slips are interesting.

Don't know what a Freudian slip is?

Wikepedia defines it as such: A Freudian slip, or parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious ('dynamically repressed') wish, conflict, or train of thought.

A simple example: a person saying to an effeminate man, "Wow! your house is so queen! I m-m-m-ean clean!"

In any case, tonight two of my female family members (We'll call them F & N) and I were discussing weight. My weight, F's weight, N's weight and N's colleague's weight. N was explaining that one of her colleague's wife is going to be on The Biggest Loser, then went on to describe her weight. Now, just FYI - N is fairly slender. About 145lbs. F is about 70lbs lighter than me. So, N is describing her colleague's wife's robustness and comes up with this beauty of an example.

Pointing to F, she says, "She's bigger than you," Then pointing to me, "But smaller than you," and finished off with the doozy, "She's HUGE!"


I'm not sure I have this straight.

It's almost one of those mathematical story equations I hated in school.

If Mrs. Colleague is bigger than F, and smaller than me, and Mrs. Colleague is HUGE than I by common denominator am what? GARGANTUAN? GINORMOUS? ELEPHANTINE? Seriously, I can take it.


Anyway, I truly was not offended by the comment. A bit taken aback that she stated it that way and then proceeded not to understand why F and I could not stop smiling. She totally didn't get what she had said. But not offended.

In any case, I thought that it was an entertaining little story.

I didn't do well on my food today. I didn't do horribly either but I indulged quite a bit this evening. Back on track and pushing forward tomorrow. I am looking to lose 3 lbs this next week. Can I do it? LOL

Oh, N (the same one who made the silly comment) gave me some awesome stretch exercises for planters fascitis, so I am hoping to try them and see if I can't do a bit more exercise on my mini elliptical before my feet explode into flames.

Until tomorrow blog world.

The Fat Chick


  1. You are a smart person, and you are in control of things. I admire you.


  2. You are a better person than I. I would be pissed at that comment. I, being the tacky me that I am, would have asked her what that made me just to make her feel crappy.

    When I was at my heaviest (289) I never felt bad about myself. I never had low self-esteem. In fact, my mom told me she thought I enjoyed being fat. Who enjoys that feeling? It appears I have no feelings sometimes so people always feel free to say what they want but a few comments did sting. It just motivated me more.

    The thing is....I know how it can feel so I am super careful with my words - about everything. People should think a little harder before they speak.

    I have had plantars facitis. What helped me was icing the bottoms of my feet about 10 minutes each after exercise. HUGE difference. Even when you think it has gone away, still do it every few days or it can flare back up. I feel for you dude. That crap sucks. The good news is, it will get better.

  3. We must be related...sounds exactly like something that would fly out of my family's mouth! hehe! : )

  4. I wouldve been bawling into a big ole bucket of the colonel's extra crispy! Im overly sensitive, an emotional eater and when it comes to family that all kicks into overdrive. You handled it well, and did not react in a self destructive way--awesome! you can do the 3 lbs..go for it

  5. I also would have been pretty pissed! I admire how you didn't let it ruin your day!
    Now, take her comment and keep using it to fuel your goals! You can do it, step by step! :)
    We believe in you!

  6. I'm glad you were able to react so well to her "slip of the tongue." I might have amused myself by asking her that made you ginormous (or one your other terms). Her reaction might have added to your "amusement," lol. :)

    It reminds me of the time my husand saw a chick walking down the street, turned to me and said "please don't ever let yourself get that big." Little did he know I actually had been shopping in the same store as her a few days earlier & we were the same size!

  7. I think I would have asked - Wow - if she's huge what does that make me? Just like you posted. We know we have weight issues. Were all here, in this blogging community together for a reason. There's no need in trying to hide or sugar coat the issues but there's no need for people to make hateful comments either. Even if she didn't mean it the way it came out - comments like that hurt.


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