Monday, April 26, 2010


Can anyone tell me where my title came from?

Now let me break today down:

  • Percolate coffee

  • Feed Buzzy and Breezely breakfast

  • Eat 1 Newton crisp & 1 cup cheerios

  • Forget about percolated coffee and drink none (oops)

  • Go to Freddy's (local market) and have lunch with gramma

  • Share a turkey cranberry on garlic tortilla wrap with my girls

  • I eat two potato wedges that were meant for Buzzy

  • Shop for remaining ingredients for mom's chilli

  • Help mom clean house

  • Eat light yoplait very vanilla yogurt with naked granola on top

  • Munch on 2 of Buzzy's Spongebob fruit chews (2 chews not 2 baggies)

  • Try to get the girls to nap to no avail

  • Eat dinner

  • Mom's chilli made with Carroll Shelby's Chilli fixins/rice/corn/pinto & kidney beans/hamburger/onion etc + shredded Mexican cheese and sour cream + 1.5 corn muffins = mmm mmm good.

  • Went over my calories by a bit, but nothing detrimental

  • Still a bit bummed about that though...

  • WHY?

  • Because I weighed myself this morning

(((Looks at top of list)))

  • Oops, I forgot to mentioned my unofficial weigh in for today.

280!!!!!! 2-frickin-80!!! 45lbs gone!!

  • And that my friends is why I'm a bit sad.

But I will be 280 or less this Friday at my official weigh in and then Saturday (May1st) I am starting the C25K thing and you get some new progress pictures (as my new trend is posting new pics the first of every month)

And now I shall sleep.

Good night world . . .


  1. I don't know...sounds like something my husband (who tends to be suicidal and self destructive) might have said to me once upon a blue moon.

    Great job on the weight loss chick.
    doing fab.

  2. Yay - well done for the loss - hope it continues for friday's weigh-in!

  3. Im a big fan of the C25K plan... it took me from a complete nonrunner to someone who really enjoys going for a jog and can easily do a few miles now.

  4. good for you on the C25K program, I want to do it too, maybe we can fill each other in on our progress/advice and tips! Good for you for losing 45 lbs that is amaaaaaaaaaaazing.

  5. Congrats on the loss!!!
    45lbs is amazing!!!

  6. You're doing great!! Just hang in there! I'm trying too and up a bit from you...I'm 316 today to be exact, but down from 350! I have a long way to go, but determined to get there!!:)


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