Saturday, April 24, 2010


  • Going to the Tulip Festival is not fun when it's raining/hailing outside
  • Going to the Tulip Festival is not conducive to my new good eating habits
  • Going to the Tulip Festival is not fun with a whiny toddler and a cranky baby
  • Going to the Tulip Festival is not worth it if you don't get to see half the tulips because of aforementioned rain/hail/children
  • Going to the Tulip Festival sucks
These are all things I WOULD HAVE thought last year or the year before or the year before that. Today, however, despite the rain and the hail, despite the sometimes cranky and always needy children and despite the fact that I didn't get to see or do everything I intended, I had a fabulous time.

  • Teriyaki chicken on a stick with a bowl of rice for lunch.
  • Some Kettle corn
  • A cranberry scone
  • 1/2 coffee 1/2 hot chocolate drink

This is why the Tulip Festival is not conducive to my eating plan. However, I walked for a minimum of two hours among the Tulips pushing 70+ lbs of baby and stroller so I am thinking I did okay in spite of it all.

Now that we have gotten home I am amazed to realize my foot doesn't hurt. Okay, that's a lie. It hurts but not the debilitating, bite down on my own arm to keep from crying kind of pain. No, I have a minor ache on the left side and some zippy little cramps on the top but no plantar fascitis pain. Odd? I don't know but I'm thanking God, LET.ME.TELL.YOU!

On another note I have been finding random bruises on my body. I am not amused. I have never bruised easily in my life and to see a bruise appear on my body and not know what its origin ticks me off a little. Last night before my shower, I noticed a small bruised on my very lower belly. No biggy. But then today I found more. All along my lower belly and then tonight my arm was aching so I looked over and just above my wrist I have this awesomely purple bruise. WHERE ARE THEY COMMMMING FROM?!?!


  1. Aww the tulips are so BEAUTIFUL! Congrats on your weight loss! Your well on your way of accomplishing your goals.

  2. Maybe you're beating yourself up in your sleep?

    Glad you enjoyed the tulips and that your foot isn't bothering you too much. :)

  3. beautiful tulips.
    cute pic of your kid in the wooden shoes. I love strange stuff.
    I still want to see the world's biggest ball of twine, I think it's in there is hope.

  4. mmmmmm scones. I used to keep some mini caromel and poppy seed scones around as a special snack, but had to stop because I would eat 4 or 5 instead of 1 or 2 per serving.

    I do bruise easy, so I'm used to random bruising. Sometimes you can bruise from a little bump into something that you may not have noticed because it didn't hurt at the time. I do that a lot. (Yea, I'm a clutz).

  5. This looks like a great day. Glad a little rain didn't ruin your plans!!


  6. Have you been taking aspirin for your pains lately? Aspirin can thin the blood and cause bruising.

  7. omg i get bruises AL THE TIME and i have no idea where they come from. one time in particular i was getting tons of bruising on my inner thighs (TMI?) and i couldnt figure out what was causing it, but then i realized at the gym i had been doing that machine with you sit in with your legs spread out and close, and because i was doing so much weight it caused the blood vessels to burst or do something - whatever happens that causes bruising. so i think exercise can cause it too. in any event my response to unknown occurrences is to google it!!

  8. Love your photos. So pretty. Looks like a fun time!

  9. Beautiful tulips! Glad you enjoyed it.

    As far as the foot pain goes, if it comes back, I really recommend going to get better shoes. Better as in spend the money and get your gait checked at a store that is suited just for running shoes. I personally don't run with shoes any more (barefoot, minimalist approach) and if you want to try, you can just try a walk outside barefoot. It's quite awesome because you'll see/train your foot to land the way it's supposed to naturally land.

    As far as bruising goes, I have NO idea but from googling, apparently women bruise more easily, AND the less fat you have, the more likely it is for bruising. It could be a vitamin deficiency too (B12, K, C). Apparently broccoli, spinach, and fruits help that :) Hopefully that helps. I stole that information from googling.

  10. Whenever I workout I notice that I get lots of bruses they dont hurt and are usually small and i get mine on my legs and they take awhile to go away but I figure i would rather have some small bruises on legs than cellulite


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