Friday, April 23, 2010


Remember in my last post, how proud of my 4 mile walk I was? Well, I'm not proud anymore. I'm paralyzed . . . Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement. I tend to exaggerate when I'm in pain. So, what can I compare this pain to?

Let's see. It feels like my foot has:

Been caught on fire
Stretched on a medieval torture machine
Impaled with an enormous iron stake
Clamped with an bear trap
Run over by a steam roller
Stomped on my an African Elephant
Chewed up by the garbage disposal
And hung out (to dry) . . .

Did I mention that it hurts?

See, I can describe my pain without exaggerating.

But seriously, I can barely walk. My plantar fascitis is so inflamed right now I'm having a hard time sitting still here in bed to type this. It hurts that much. I cried earlier. It was almost as bad as labor. ((sigh)) There I go exaggerating again.

I hope it doesn't hurt like this tomorrow for the tulip festival. That might put a damper on things.

Stay tuned for pictures of beautiful tulips (hopefully)

The Fat Chick


  1. Oh no! I've been having issues with my plantar fasciitis as well. I totally sympathize. Take some anti inflammatory and get some rest. I hope you feel better tomorrow!

  2. feel better...take a rolling pin and put it under your foot and roll back and used to help mine. Good luck.

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  4. I have it too. I went to a good shoe store and bought inserts for my shoes. They're made by Birkenstock. Cost me $65 but it was totally worth it! I'm all better now. I also bought the special flip flops too ($65) so now I'm well supported at all times and my pain is gone. Life is go0o0o0d. I was hooked on those cheap Old Navy flip flops, wore them all the time but apparently they're super bad for your feet.


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