Friday, April 23, 2010


I took Buzzy and Breezely on a 4 mile walk today. This is me afterwards. I don't know if you can tell by the pic but I'm dripping sweat, totally pink in the face and have drank a boatload of water. I'm actually starting to like the stuff.
On my walk today it was amazing how many people stopped whatever they were doing to smile and wave at me and my girls. I don't know why they did it. They never have before.
On another note we walked all the way to my grandma's work to have lunch with her across the street. One of her co-workers who I have known for a while commented on how much you can see I have lost weight. She said it's particularly obvious in my face, shoulders and waist area. NICE!
Then after lunch (a grilled chicken salad with tomatoes, iceburg lettuce, cheese, croutons and litehouse honey mustard dressing - 400 cals incl. dressing) on the way home a neighbor lady drives by, rolls down her window and tells me I am her inspiration and that she needs to learn from me and get out there and walk. (Mind you this lady is THIN) but all the more reason to feel motivated and inspired - I AM A THIN PERSON'S INSPIRATION?!?! WHAT? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN?
Anyway, my girls are napping and I think I'm gonna snooze a bit to. I'll be back later tonight.
Oh WAIT! duh!! I lost another pound which brings me to 43 lbs lost. 3 more lbs until it's goodbye 280's hello 279!! I am hoping with increased activity and being more on my calorie game will increase my weekly numbers. However, with the stress I have been going through with the (EX) husband, I wouldn't put it past my body to 'hold onto some of this weight'. UGH!
Love you my bloggie buddies! Thank you for your compliments on my previous post. XOXO
The Fat Chick


  1. Great job getting out for the walk. 4 miles is awesome!!! I always find its easier when I have a destination I'm headed toward... lunch would definitely do it for me, lol.

  2. Great mileage and cool that you got all the comments from the neighbors!! I hope all the positive energy keeps you motivated and cancels out all the negative noise that is going on!!


  3. Amazing mileage! Yay! Your are definately looking amazing!


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