Sunday, April 4, 2010


Holidays and birthdays, apparently, are my weakness. My kryptonite, or so to speak. For the last 4 days I have eaten VERY VERY VERY poorly. Why? Well, because Thursday we celebrated my sister's 17th birthday. Friday we ended up eating Thursday's left overs and though that is no excuse, I seriously felt I had NO WILLPOWER! Saturday was the day from HELL that I described in my previous post and today was Easter. I started out well and even did well straight through dinner, but I couldn't stop myself from eating the Hershey's Extra Special Dark Squares or the little See's Candy eggs. I DID manage to count all calories in and out though and I DID manage to exercise even through all of my planned and unplanned binges indulgences.


Starting tomorrow, I am back to counting calories for every little morsel that touches my lips and I am going to try like the dickens not to go over 1500 cals. If I make it there my lunch, well than whoops, no dinner for me. That's just how it will have to be. There are no more birthdays or holidays coming until June 9th which is Buzzy's birthday but because I get to plan that, I can decide what yummies will and will not be there. So between now and May 1st I still plan to lose 11 lbs and be at 275 at weigh in that Saturday. Assuming I meet that goal, on June 9th (Buzzy's 2nd birthday) I want to have lost another 10lbs and be at 265. Is this too ambitious? I don't think so, but I really need to step up my game if I plan on doing it.

In addition to my makeshift bike, as I said I would do, I have incorporated squats, (3 sets of 10) kneeling leg lifts (5 sets of 10 on each leg) and island pushups. I wish it felt as exotic and tropical as it sounds. Alas it is not. (2 sets of 10) I have a very weak upper body.

On a completely other topic I am so excited, which motivates me even more to succeed at this weight loss thing!! A couple days ago I went shopping. I found one black shirt I liked but there was only one of its kind so I just took it into the dressing room with me. I tried it on and it looked GOOD! I bought it. Took it home and when I ripped off the tag to wash it I saw the size. Can you guess what size it is? 1x. Not 3x or 2x. 1 friggin x!! I am also excited because I am starting to see things on my body I haven't seen in a long time. My collar bones, (those have been obvious for a little while) my wrist bones, my inner ankle bones, my shin bones (they are smooth now instead of lump with fat). There is definition between my hips and my waist, and my bat-flaps (you know the saggy arm fat) retracts when I flex my upper arm muscles. Yay!!!!!!!! The other day my gramma also asked me if I needed any new exercise clothes. I said yep cuz my old ones are just HUGE on me. So she brought me back yoga pants size 2x which are a little big but they'll do the job and 2 size 3x stretchy shirts. These shirts I imagine are made in Japan where people are very small cuz these shirts are the same size as my mom's XL and 1x shirts. WTF? In any case I'm super happy because only 3 months ago I was wearing size 4x in men's shirts and my belly was peeking out below the hem of even those. Now I can happily wear size 1x-3x depending on the maker and my belly stays inside my shirt. LOL

And lastly, I was fiddling around with my phone tonight, taking photos and what-not and I ended up taking this crappy quality photo of myself but I have to say, I feel like my face is thinning out... FINALLY. For the longest time I felt like my face had gotten soooo fat and I always prided myself on at LEAST having a thin/pretty face. Well I think it's comin' along again. Woohoo for a 3rd NSV!! Oh and the hint of collar bone showing makes me a happy happy camper too. Tehee!!

The Fat Chick

P.S. Chris at A Deliberate Life wrote a post on March 20th that she left in a comment for me to read. I did so, thinking nothing of it but as I read I related, and I cried, and got chills and am still in awe of how it struck home with me. If you are struggling with your weight loss, if food is overpowering you, if you don't feel you have the will-power or if you are just plain scared go read THIS POST!! Please . . .


  1. YEA!
    congrats on the new size...great job.
    It feels good to start seeing things 'shrink'.
    Way to turn yourself mentally.
    Good job.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Btw, your face is definitely thinning out. I can really see the difference in that photo. :)

  3. The last few days have been pretty bad for me food wise as well. Like you, tomorrow is back to business & counting every bite that passes my lips. Congrat on fitting the 1X shirt... that's awesome!!! :)

  4. Congrats on the new sizes. It's such a great feeling isn't it? I just got to go shopping and bought a bunch of new pants. THREE sizes smaller than anything I've bought in YEARS!

    Great pic by the way!

  5. All things you can be happy about, I am happy for you.


  6. It is exciting isn't it when you start having to buy smaller clothes..I remember those days of 3x...and they were getting tight too...It's funny, after I started to lose even more weight, I was still going to the plus size because, well I ALWAYS went there..I kept forgetting, I don't fit into those clothes anymore. I'm FINALLY look at XS clothes..which has taken 6 to 8 months to stop looking at the M's and thinking I still needed them too...

    Keep fighting the good fight of faith little sister..your GOING to do this,,a healthy lifestyle....Thanks for following me on my journey...((hugs))


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