Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I weighed myself this morning. Murphy the scale said 290. Uhhhh....that’s a 6lb gain from yesterday. Hmmm. WHAT THE FLUBBERSMACKINJUHUBAWHATSIT?!?!?!?!?!? I weighed myself again. It said 284. Ok, I can retract my claws and stop threatening the scale with deep sea diving in the bathtub. I weighed myself again, it said 290. AND THE BLOOD PRESSURE SKY ROCKETS!!! Again, 291. HOLY MOTHER FLIPPIN JAHOSEPHAT!!! Ummmm… One more time and 285. ((SIGH)) But really?? I decided it was time for a new battery. I have had my trusty old Weight Watcher’s scale, Murphy for almost 2 years now and I am thinkin’ HE is OFFICIALLY done with me and my fat self. So, I scooped up Buzzy and Breezely and headed to Wal-Mart, aka FREAK CENTRAL.

In addition to the new Murphy battery I bought a couple DVDs, a new CD I have been dying for, my addiction of Special Dark chocolate bars (my mom and sister scarfed the 8 bars I had stashed in the fridge – ok ok they ate THE LAST 3. I helped with the other 5)

**Tangent **

If you are new to my blog I have a Hershey Special Dark chocolate fetish/ADDICTION and while I know chocolate is not ‘losing – weight friendly’ I only eat one portion or less (5 squares – 180 cals) on any given day.
So IT IS accounted for and I DO NOT BINGE ON IT.
(I’ve tried and it doesn’t taste good after maybe the 6.5th square and it ends up making me feel sick)

Anyway, I also picked up some matching outfits for some future summer photos (or if weather permits, this Saturday at the tulip festival) and a 2.2Liter water jug with a sippy lid so I can make sure to get in my water. My goal is to drink 2 of them suckers a day. YIKES.
I guess I’ll be staying home as a toilet in close proximity will be a necessity, I’m sure.
And lastly, I bought some Progresso soups. Ya know, their healthy slogans and calorie emblems are misleading. A can may say 80cals or 100cals but if you look closely in small print beneath it, they say ‘per serving’ and generally a can comes with 2 servings so you have to be careful. Darn advertising and their sneaky ways.

When I got home today I ate dinner and then remembered I had bought the battery for Murphy and I immediately went to my bathroom to try it out. I weighed myself and I’ll be damned, after dinner and being clothed and everything he said 283. Yay!! ((unfortunately I decided to confirm a half-hour later after some peanuts and it was up – damn sodium... DAMN MURPHY))

On a happy note TOM has finally left town. He stayed for quite some time this visit. Like 2.5 weeks. I really wish my body would regulate but then I have to remember. 3 pregnancies + 1 D&C + 2 Cesareans + one shot of depo provera is not going to make my hormone levels happy. Haha! I’ll ride it out.

On another HAPPIER note I called the IRS today and I should be receiving my refund the first week of May and it is a super duper hefty amount. I am so excited. In addition to paying my grandpa for some of our debt, giving the ex his portion and using the remains on some necessities we got an additional work credit which gives me a bit of spending cash for myself and the girls. I think a tandem runner is in store, as well as a haircut for myself, and very possibly a video camera. ((My sister and I are thinking about Vlogging – just tossing around ideas))

I hope it’s sunny tomorrow. I would like to be able to take the girls outside and then tomorrow night is Buzzy’s gymnastics. She LOVES her gymnastics and as soon as Breezely is walking I’m going to get her into them also. I LOVE it also because not only does Buzzy get her energy out and have a ton of fun, mommy gets a good workout running after Buzzy. Haha! Yay!

And with that I must depart except to say, if anyone lives in Southwest Washington or PDX area and wants a workout buddy who doesn’t mind the kiddie situation and especially if you have kiddies of your own who might be able to interact with mine, I WANT A WORKOUT BUDDY SO BADLY I COULD SPIT. But I won’t. That would be kinda counterproductive… kinda off-putting… yeah, you get it. In any case contact me if you want to.

Goodnight LOVES!!

The Fat Chick


  1. Okay, you've successfully made me want to go shopping. Good thing all the stores here are closed for the night, lol. Glad to hear you're gonna get a tidy sum for your refund AND that you plan to do a little something for yourself. :-)

    Wish I could help ya out with the workout buddy... I have lots of family in the southwest part of the state, while I'm plodding along up north, lol.

  2. i feel your pain on the scale thing! same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago and i was like WTF! but phew, its working correctly now!

    and yaaay for tax refunds!

  3. My scale can't make up it's mind either. I will weigh mysef a couple of times before I am satisfied. I like to eat the Progresso soups for a quick lunch but I eat the whole can which is 2 servings : )

  4. I love the scale picture some days I feel like doing the same thing!!!


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