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TODAY'S FYI MOMENT- I have 135 followers and while that is a staggering number that I never would have imagined possible, as most things in life have a purpose, so does this. Soooooo...if you are new to my blog and you like it, follow me! I will automatically reciprocate. And if I REALLY like your blog. I will definitely give you a shout out. Cuz REALLY GOOD, FUNNY, INTELLIGENT, HEART FELT, CRAZY, WHACKY, NUTTY (ok ok I know that's enough) BLOGS ARE IN HIGH DEMAND. By me, anyway. I am always looking for new, funny, inspirational and well written bloggers to brag about.

Onto the nitty gritty:

I've gotten some 'frantic' sounding e-mails and comments just recently. For all who are concerned about joining the SOCIETY in time, you have until tomorrow night when I check my mail and make my nightly post. This will give time for everyone to join and weigh at their leisure. A lot of people don't weigh in the morning (for what reason, I will never figure out) but this will also give those night weighers time to do so. I'm not too picky. I just wanna see a group of girls go at a clean HEALTHY challenge and try to lose as much weight as they can!! So hop to it chicas!! I wanna see those numbers droppin like flies!

Ms. Chunky Chick (I really don't like calling you that. I think you should e-mail me your name so that even if I am typing out 'MS. CHUNKY CHICK' I can think your name to myself and not feel so bad...LOL) - You can weigh on the 3rd. No biggie. It will be even more awesome and impressive if you win by doing it in only 6 days instead of 7 like everyone else!

Remember, e-mails with first weight pics and name must be submitted by (let's say) 8pm Pacific Standard Time. I think that's sufficient. AND you can join and submit up until that time too.

I have received a lot of inquiries as to if I am participating in this challenge and while yes, obviously I am trying my hardest to lose as much weight as possible, no I am not competing in this particular challenge. Why? Well, #1. If I were to win that would look a bit shady (to me anyway) being that it's MY proposed challenge and #2. April is my NO WEIGH CHALLENGE month. So I'd be failing my own personal challenge by joining you all. That just wouldn't be good.

Now, that I'm done with THAT, I have to say I am sooo pleased and excited with YOUR excitement about the UGLY CUPCAKE SOCIETY. I must admit that I never imagined what started in our kitchen as a fun past time of random (and mildly morbid) role playing would be so well accepted when put it out there. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Onto my day. Sigh. Ho hum. We celebrated my sister's 17th birthday with 'the fam'. I didn't do well on my eating BUT I DID DO BETTER THAN I WOULD HAVE DONE A YEAR AGO AT HER 16TH.

Everything I should have changed is in red.

Here is what I had today:

Breakfast: Muffin
Lunch: Southwest Salad from McDonalds and some of Buzzy's nuggets and fries
Dinner (PIG OUT): One hamburger with catsup and relish, a scoop of pasta salad, several deviled eggs, several tortilla wraps, pineapple chunks, a chip, a piece of birthday cake with vanilla ice cream, 2 chocolate covered strawberries, and a handful of M&Ms.

Compared to what I would have eaten last year:

Breakfast: Nothing
Lunch: Big Mac Large Sized with a shake and most of Buzzy's nuggets and fries
Snacks: Many sugary or salty snacks throughout the day despite the fact that I knew there was going to be buffet style dinner
Dinner: One hamburger with catsup, mayo, mustard, relish and all the fixings, and possibly a hot dog too, several scoops of pasta salad, several deviled eggs and once it seemed no one was eating them anymore the rest of the deviled eggs. Several of the tortilla wraps and ditto to the deviled eggs. No fruit. Lots and lots of chips. 2-3 pieces of birthday cake with lots of ice cream. Aside from my allotted 1 and 1 extra I would have eaten as many chocolate covered strawberries as were left over after everyone was done (which in this case was 6) and more mindless eating of chips, M&Ms and other snackie foods.

So, all in all my habits are changing. Although my eyes are still ten times the size of my stomach and my OLD HABITS still try to resurface when these occasions arise. Thankfully my belly doesn't have it and after too much sugar or food in general, I start to feel ill. Thank you God for small favors.

I attempted a workout today but only got 7 minutes in when Breezely woke up. She and Buzzy both have a tummy bug causing vomiting and diarrhea like crazy. Also, she just got a round of shots today so she wasn't the most content baby on the planet (to put it mildly).

And now I am off to sleep. Waking at 5:45am does nothing for a person's energy level and so I have been coasting through the hours on fumes. LOL (literally, of vomit and diarrhea). I look forward to the weigh ins tomorrow and to hear about progress or pitfalls which I hope to help with. Good luck my Ugly Cupcakes!! Go get em!!

The Fat Chick


  1. I love how you've compared your food intake to what you would have eaten last year. Puts it all into perspective, doesn't it. I need to do more of that too. Thanks!

  2. You have proved that new habits yield new results.

  3. I'd love to be a member of the ugly cupcake society. I've posted a blog, added the pic and linked it back to your post about what the society is and why.

    My blog is

  4. dirttrackdiva, new member of the ugly cupcake society.
    i'm at
    don't know how to insert a link. sorry.


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