Saturday, April 17, 2010


Yesterday I went to the store. Yep, Freddy's (a local supermarket superstore), and since before my first pregnancy I have known the people there because, well, BG is not the biggest city in the universe. What? All of like 13,000 people? Yeah... HUGE!! Anyway, so they've seen me thin (er) and at my fattest (eh, most pregnant?) and everywhere in between. Yesterday, checking out with my girls and my gramma I suddenly had to meet a man about a job. Yeah, in case you don't get that it's a little inside joke me and my family use when in public and the need to use the restroom arrives. I know other people use it... right?!!? Anyhoo, I went to see THAT man about THAT job and when I came back and we were on our way to the car, my gramma says to me,
"Jaime (the checkout girl) says you look like you've lost a ton of weight." <--- aww... people are noticing. ((insert big dopey grin))

I have been receiving compliments like this for the past week or so. Yay!

But my biggest compliment came last night. My grandpa is the kind of person who is quick to point out flaws but seriously a hoarder of compliments. He is very stingy with them. So, last night I walked into their house for our Friday spaghetti dinner (which yes, was changed from Friday to Thursday and THEN BACK TO FRIDAY) and my gramma says something along the lines of how nice I look in my new shirt and my grandpa says something that nearly stops my heart. Mind you it is a double sided compliment that could be misconstrued as an insult but coming from my grandpa it is the highest compliment ever.

He says to me, 'yeah the other day I saw you getting out of your car,' (did I mention his kitchen window looks into our driveway?) 'and I noticed you do look more dimensionally challenged.' Then in a much lower voice he said WHILE SMILING!! 'keep up the good work!' AAAAHHHHH!!! I could ask for nothing more and was so elated for him to even notice let alone say something directly to me. Usually he just tells me gramma who then relays it to me later on. OMG I WAS FLIPPING ECCSTATIC!!

Yesterday was full of weight loss related stuff for me as even I am noticing how much I have used the word yesterday so far in this post. I played basketball with my 8 year old cousin. Ran a ton through our neighborhood play park, and then RAN ALL THE WAY HOME CARRYING MY 30LB 2 YEAR OLD!! YES YOU READ RIGHT. RAN ALL THE WAY HOME. LIKE A 10 MINUTE RUN!! Okay maybe it was a jog, but for me it was a run. LOL Serious NSV there!

Now, as for my challenges people. I have received a few comments/e-mails/texts saying that the reason you didn't participate in the stretching challenge was because you aren't flexible and couldn't do my exact stretch to the limit I can. WELLL BOOOOO!!!

The challenge wasn't to do exactly what I did. It was to mimic me. Maybe I should have used the word MOCK instead of MIMIC. As in do what I'm doing, EXAGGERATEDLY. If you could stretch as far as me, fine, but the point was to have fun making funny pictures MAKING FUN OF ME!!! LOL I in no way expect EVERYONE to be able to wrap their hands around their straight legs or kiss their toes while in the butterfly position. I KNOW NOT EVERYONE CAN DO THAT. So, if I reinstate the challenge . . . who will be in?? Now knowing the true idea of the challenge?!?!? Let me know and if I have more than 5 takers I'll reinstate it.

Now my 8 month old is awake so I must cut this short.

Until tonight my bloggies.

The Fat Chick


  1. awww I literally had a tear in my eye when you wrote about what your grandpa said, that is so cute. I love grandpas. My grandparents are the same way always pointing out when people gain weight. I am IN on this challenge!!!!!!!!

  2. I would totally be in! As long as I can get my camera working! I'm really amazed at how flexible you are. I'm not sure how tall you are... but I'm 195(ish) and 5'5" and I can't do a lot of stretches. It's somewhat embarrassing. Lol :)

  3. your grampa is very cool. Great job on the loss and the nsv's. You deserve them have been busting your hump. keep up the good work.


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