Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tomorrow is weigh in day for me. Yeah, I know, it's not Monday. I don't like Mondays. Fridays are good. Keepin' it on Friday.

Drank a buttload of water today but I have to be careful. I started getting headaches when I passed the three quarter mark for my goal intake and headaches can be a sign of water intoxication. I know it is rare but I don't wanna risk it and I can handle a few less trips to the bathroom every hour. LOL

So, I thought I would do a random photo post. These are in no particular order but bring back so many memories of a life that seems so long ago that it wasn't even real, wasn't even mine.

13 weeks with Buzzy

37 weeks with Buzzy (all 372lbs of me)
- She was born exactly 1 week later

Me on my 21st birthday

With my mama after the epidural took affect with Buzzy
- I had been in hard labor for almost 24 hours

17 Weeks with Buzzy

2007 -

About a week after my miscarriage and subsequent D&C

- My smile is fake

Buzzy - a few weeks old

The front terrace of Skamania Lodge
I was on top of the world, pregnant with baby #1
Little did I know he had already passed

Easter 2008. So ready to give birth and still 3 months to wait.

Memorial Day 2008. One more month.

Baby bean #1 - Rest in peace baby love

Stupid face at Skamania Lodge.
If you've never been there and have the opportunity you should.
It seriously rocks!

Swimming in Skamania Lodge's indoor pool

Halloween 2007. Lashes are about as far as I go to dress up.

The EVIL nephew
The GOOD nephew

My mama and me on my first Christmas.
I was 2.5 months old.
My sister and me Thanksgiving of 2007.
Very pregnant with Buzzy and fanning myself after a shower to cool off

Pregnancy glow? 26 weeks with Buzzy
Water retention on a road trip. You too can have cankles. Memorial day 2007.
Thank God water retention AND cankles are things of my past

Kinda, fun stuff; at least for me. I need to start taking pictures again. I miss that. It used to be a huge part of my life and since I've had my babies it has been pushed to the way side which is silly because now that I have babies I should be even more picture happy.
Anyway, happy weighing in all you Friday-Weigh-Inners!

Edited to add a couple current pics of my babies!

The Fat Chick


  1. my god, you look like your mom.
    I know what you mean about the miscarriage.
    I had one.
    You never forget.
    beautiful little baby though. yeah.
    lol @ cankles...
    got rid of mine, so can you!

  2. Oh the babies are enchanting! You look beautiful. In the past year I have been taking pics like a tourist Everything and anything.

  3. You ever look like your mother. Wow! Your daughter is just beautiful

  4. You have some cute babies.. You do look like your mother. I love all the pictures.

  5. You are the spitting image of your mom when YOU were little. Wow!

    Your kids are gorgeous. Love all the pics. What a beautiful trio!


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