Thursday, April 29, 2010



You see, yesterday I posted two photos. These photos:

. . . And I asked what you all thought the significance of them was. Aside from the 4 comments I got I also got a few texts and e-mails and most of them thought I was flipping the cookies the bird. Yeah, well. I wasn't. If I was, I would have flipped them the bird in ONE photo. Not two. LOL BUT someone . . . I shall not name who . . . (why the heck not you ask?) okay, fine, I shall . . . Shannon from BIGGS GETS SKINNY is a flippin' psychic. She said, (and I quote):

"I'm gonna guess that you didn't eat those cookies and that ring hasn't fit your middle finger ever. Tehehe"

Ummm . . . I am wondering if I should be concerned for my safety. Are you secretly watching me? JUST KIDDING! But seriously Shannon, what brought you to this conclusion?? Because this conclusion is not only SPOT ON it is like seriously . . . SPOT ON!! <-- Like totally! (((flips hair like a Valley girl)))
Tangent: I AM a Valley girl. A REAL valley girl. I was born in THE VALLEY. As in just North of Los Angeles. Oh yeah, that's right. I rock. I know it. - Like totally, for sure. I JUST GOT A MANICURE. THE SUN I SWEAR ITS BLEACHING OUT MY HAIR. GO GO FIGHT FIGHT GEE I HOPE I LOOK ALRIGHT... :End Tangent

Anywhoozle, (yes, I stole that from the billions of bloggers I follow who use it) the reason I posted those pictures was because my mom comes home with those raspberry frosted sugar cookies on A VERY REGULAR BASIS. I am only saved by my own tongue and can't stand the way they taste. Thank God! Hence the photo. Hence the full carton of cookies. Hence the satisfaction of saying no to sugar. (Because in my pre-healthy life, I would have eaten them even though I didn't like them, just cuz they were there... I lead a sad existence but that has all changed now) And the ring, well... when I bought it, it was the only one of its kind and it was too tight for my ring finger (nevermind trying to get it on my middle finger. I doubt it would have passed the first knuckle) but I LOVED THE DESIGN and had to have it so I would shove it on my swollen sausage finger pretending like it fit and at the end of the day I would have to use soap or lotion to get it off and it would leave massive painful indentations in my finger. NOW . . . I can wear it on my middle finger and while it is a tad tight, I can wear it without any discomfort and I can get it off easily without the aid of lubricant. YAY ME!

Now, Shannon . . . Can you tell me the winning lottery numbers? I could really use the money.

In other news there is going to be a big change happening soon. I have been living here at my mom's house for 6 months. 6 months of 5 girls living under one roof. No men. EVER. You see, my mom's husband livesd in California. I moved to Washington, then my sister, then my mom and now he is the last to follow. The big deal is that my mom and sister have lived 3 years without him. I haven't lived with him in almost 5 years and none of us have ever cohabited with two babies in the mix. So, this ought to be interesting.
I have no issues with him coming. I am actually looking forward to it. Once upon a time long ago, I would have cringed just at the sound of his name but the guy has gone from dumb ass step dad to pretty rockin cool dude. ((It's probably because I'm an adult now and he doesn't have to wrangle me anymore and I don't feel like I'm being wrangled by someone who doesn't rightfully have the position to wrangle me? - did that make sense?)) In any case the one and ONLY small issue I have is that the guy eats crap. NO REALLY! In my 25 years of life the guy has eaten a #2 (well, it used to be a #2 . . . I don't think it even has a number anymore) but a two cheeseburger large sized (once upon a time supersized when they had that) from McDonalds. When we all lived together in California we ate out 5 nights out of 6 and generally really rich/fatty/greasy and/or deep fried foods. There were always chips/cookies/candy/ice cream/ding dongs/zingers/cupcakes/sugary cereal/chocolate - OMG the chocolate - the man is a CHOCO-HOLIC! Worse than any woman. So, you get my drift. The guy doesn't eat healthy. So there are going to be a ton of unhealthy things in the house. I am just gonna have to pump up my willpower and make good use of it. UGH! And I was doing so well. (My mom and my sister generally don't have TOO much junk in the house. Just occasional treats here and there.) The one beneficial thing is that I buy the food. So, I sorta kinda can control what does and does not get bought. Maybe I will make him buy his own crap. LOL Yeah, I'm gonna talk to my mom about that.

Whatdya think Court?

Last note:

Tomorrow is weigh in for week 17. 17? Seriously?? I have never ever come this far in a weight loss journey before. I am hoping to be 280 or below but even 281 would still make a loss. 1lb is necessary! Yep! Yep it is! So wish me luck. Pray Murphy loves me and wants me to keep my sanity.

Goodnight Bloggies!!


  1. Dammit, I didn't see yesterday's post. Sorry! I get behind on my blog reading. Anyway, THAT'S AWESOME that the ring fits on your middle finger now! Holy, how awesome is that. A great non-scale victory.

    As far as the mom's husband and his crap eating habits go, as long as you stick with your habits, you might even be able to convert him (though some people never want the help.) My parents have a bunch of stuff lying around (since my dad loves snacking) and I have my own snacks so it's not a big deal but I could see how having a LOT of it could be really tempting. Just follow your will-power and if you're really craving something, have a bit of it. Satisfy the craving and realize it wasn't that big of a deal anyway :)

  2. I didn't comment yesterday but that ring fitting would be the last thing coming to my mind! Scary psychics! :)

    About living with a person who doesn't eat healthy-- I live with three of them! That's the number one reason I can't wait to get married next year and live in my own apartment! I mean it! My boyfriend can be a health freak at times even and boy do I wish I was living in a "safe house" like that.

    About your "cool dude" changing him is hard stuff but you can force feed him some healthy options and in time he might adjust some of his habbits. But I'm for making rules! He could keep his "junk" on his own personal space. Chocolate doesn't need to be in the kitchen, it can very well be kept in a simple cubboard, etc.

    Good luck!

  3. Psychic Biggs Gets Skinny here,
    You just made my day! I don't know why I came to that conclusion. It was my first thought. I didn't even realize it was your middle finger until I read the other posts.
    As for the lottery numbers. That's my little secret;)

  4. I am so pyched for you! I think that you should establish that if he wants to have junk food he has to keep said junk food in his room or his area. That way its just not in your face and easy to access. Though I think that strengthing your will power is important. there is no reason to force yourself into a daily internal battle :) good luck!

  5. Maybe he'll be motivated by your efforts and see the light, or the broccoli instead of Mickie D's.

    Who knows? Miracles can happen.

  6. Hi, I just found your blog this morning and you are really funny! Congrats on your success so far. I'm just barely beginning and started a blog to keep me accountable. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


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