Monday, April 12, 2010


Remember how yesterday I said I had to see my (ex) husband today and how I was not exactly jumping for joy?? Well, I'd like for you to read the texts that ensued this morning. Mind you he KNOWS the girls schedule which includes a nap between 12ish - 2ishPM and also, this is translated from Spanish to English.

Me: Today's when you leave, right?
Him: Yes
Me: You said you wanted to see the girls. Do you think you can at 10AM.
Him: Why at 10?
Me: Because I have a few things I need to do later on.
Him: What things?
Me: I'm making dinner tonight and I haven't gone shopping yet and with the girls it takes quite a bit of time.
Him: I can't at 10. What are you going to cook?
Me: Then when can you?
Him: Between 11 and 12.
Me: Why so late?
Him: I also have things I need to do.
Me: What things?
Him: I am going to buy something for my dad and my mom.

** I stopped here and called him.

Me: Is there any way you can go shopping after you see the girls?
Him: No! It's always when you want, how you want and today I am going to see them between 11 and 12.
Me: Then they'll only be able to see you for an hour or so. I wanted them to be able to see you for longer but I have to cook.
Him: You know what? I'm tired of this. It's always when you want.
Me: Yes, because I have to think of what the girls need and what is good for them. You only have to think about yourself.
Him: Oh right!
Me: So, do you want to see them for an hour?
Him: It's always when you want. You never compromise. I work to pay for your car, your gas, your . . .
Me: You don't pay for shit. My mom and grandparents and the friggin government pay for everything.
Him: You know what? We're getting divorced. That's it.
**Insert rolling of my eyes and smirk here.
Me: Ok
** He hangs up on me and so I text him
Me: Remember that you decided not to see your girls. I wanted you to see them for a longer amount of time and it's always about you and the things you have to do. You don't want to see them. You just want me to jump when you say so. Have a nice time in Mexico!
**That last bit was sarcasm but I doubt he caught it
Him: You are the one that never has time but this time we are going to get a divorce.
Me: Ok
Him: If you want, go look for a lawyer and fill out the papers. When I get back from Mexico I'll sign them.
** How naive he is about the divorcing process
Me: Ok
** I hang up here and immediately call his mom. This is the first time I have tattled on him but I did it and I'm proud of it. You see since we split and moved apart he has lied to his family the whole time about us being together. He tells them we fight but they don't know we live separately nor that he 'got physical' with me. In the conversation I had with his mom all of this was brought to light. Then I also spoke with his sister (my favorite of his 4 sisters) and the three of us women had heart to hearts. They told me they aren't on his side or my side and both agreed that regardless of what there is or isn't between him and me the important thing is the girls' well being. Something he rarely sees clearly enough through his haze of egotistical and selfish ways to notice. They said they would be talking to him tonight when he arrives. Yay!

**So then he texts me as I'm talking to his mom and sister in Mexico.

Him: And now that you didn't let me see my girls I am going to tell my family the truth about us and after we get divorced I am going to have the right to see the girls and have them 2 or 3 times a week.
**Again, how little he knows about custody battles and how they work
Me: I already spoke to your mom and **Name redacted** -your sister- and I told them EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING YOU LIED TO THEM ABOUT. Again, I hope you enjoy your time in Mexico.

He never responded back. LOL

Needless to say, we didn't see him today. I asked Buzzy if she wanted to see her daddy earlier in the morning before I texted him and she said
'yeah, IHOP!' (because that's where we usually see him and she loves to go see her 'friends' the waitresses there)
and I said
'what if we don't go to IHOP? What if we go somewhere else? Do you wanna see Daddy at the mall?'
Wanna know what her response was?
'No IHOP. No Daddy!'
LOL It's actually kinda sad but it makes me happy to know she isn't feeling emotionally deprived by not seeing her 'daddy'. Sometimes I don't think he deserves such a good title.

In other news, my thighs, ass, back and upper arms are KILLING me from my weeding session yesterday. YIKES!! And now my head is starting to hurt too. UGH. I'm off to bed. Stressed & headache & tired = needs sleep.

The Fat Chick


  1. Wow, he sounds like such a gem; I'm glad you aren't going to endure a life being married to him. My BFFs ex & him would get along great I swear. He is every bit that selfish & has managed to get his new girlfriend pregnant after only three weeks... so now he wants to fast track the divorce because he doesn't want the baby to be born when he's still technically married to someone else. Little does he know how backed up the courts are here, lol. It must take a special talent to be that far in their own little worlds that they can't see reality. Its just sad that the little children involved pay the price. At least you didn't have to deal with the stress of actually seeing him. Good for you with talking to his mom and sister! Hope it makes him squirm a little bit on his trip to Mexico, lol. Keep taking care of you and those little ones. :)

  2. So sorry to hear this is the end to your marriage. But believe me, from experience, sometimes ending the marriage is the best thing that you can do. This sounds like the case for you too!!

    In time, life will adjust and go on even happier.


  3. Well, at least you know where you stand and what to do next. Like all things, this too shall pass!!


  4. Hope you'll get through this process as quick and as painless as possible. *hugs*

  5. I know this is hard but your are doing an amazing job with the girls! Honestly he is an idiot. Much like the XAH he has no concept of the real world nor putting someone beside him self first! Much love and big hugs!

  6. You do have a lot going on there.

  7. You know I have one of those.. ex husbands I mean.
    I went through ALOT with him. I have a post about it on my blog. Anyways..,after much fighting and abusiveness.. he has not been in our son's life since he was 3. bailey will be 13 this summer. All for the better


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