Friday, May 7, 2010


So, for mothers day my gramma surprised me with a new pair of jeans and some new tshirts for exercising. She bought me a size 22 pant and after today's weigh in I was super skeptical. I mean I only weighed 5lbs more when I finally dropped into a size 24. I wasn't feeling them. But I though, what the hay and tried them on anyway. Were they tight. That's not the word. No really. They slid on so smoothly I think I could potentially fit in a size 20 of the same brand. Holy hell! Size 22? Potentially size 20?!?! It was only 4 months ago I was pouring my flabby jiggliness into a size 32 STRETCH!!

So poll time. Regardless of maintaining or fluctuating a few lbs up or down, do you really think it's plausible to lose inches without losing on the scale. Somehow my mind just doesn't accept this concept openly. Tell me your ideas on this. Please!

The Fat Chick

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  1. Increased muscle mass increases metabolism which increases fat burn; muscle mass weighs more than fat so yes, it is possible to lose inches without losing on the scale. As your muscle mass increases (probably from your c25K workouts) you burn more fat so the inches will be going but because your muscle is being built up, you won't show a loss on the scale. :)

    Congrats on another size down!

  2. lalskjdf;laksjdfMay 7, 2010 at 2:54 PM

    Girl, you look good!

  3. I definitely think you can lose inches, and not pounds - toning up and whatever.

    I'm pretty sure that whole.. you're gaining muscle, that's why you aren't loosing weight thing though is a total lie.

  4. Please read this...

    Every time I want to give that damned scale more credit than it deserves, I read this article. The scale lies.


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