Friday, May 7, 2010


It's hard to blog when your eyes keep slamming shut.

AND I've already blogged today.

Not once, but TWICE.

So, what has possessed me to blog AGAIN?


I cut it off tonight.

It was long, down to below the middle of my back and shaggy and had split ends up to the roots. I needed a change. Unfortunately, I don't have a before photo. But here is what it looks like now. NO MORE BUSH WOMAN!!

I wonder how much poundage was cut off? I have REALLY REALLY LIKE OVERLY THICK HAIR. LOL

I did my c25k tonight. It's getting a lot easier and I'm loving it. I was told by a friend that running can become addictive. I didn't believe her until now. I sooo look forward to my evening runs now. Even if the running does only happen for 9 minutes out of 21. LOL I think if I wasn't doing the c25k with a couple other people who need to keep it at this first level for a while longer, I would easily be able to jump into the next level. I've tried. I can jog for a few minutes at a time without having any issues and if I really really pushed myself (as in, wanting to kill myself) I could probably jog the full 30 minutes now. But I will take it slow and trust the process.

Speaking of TRUSTING THE PROCESS does anyone else watch Ruby? How about Biggest Loser? Kirstie Alley? Or Jessica Simpson's 'Price of Beauty'? I must confess I LOVE LOVE LOVE all these shows. In addition to my Survivor, White Collar and Parenthood addiction.

Oh! My gramma is bringing me home a pair of size 20 jeans tomorrow! Yay! I think they'll be a bit snug but these size 22's were falling off of me on my jog tonight.

And speaking of that, I wanted to bring to light something regarding a comment on one of my posts.

I was being facetious when I said that 'muscle weighs more than fat'. I assumed it was implied when I added yada yada yada. I am perfectly aware that a pound of muscle weighs EXACTLY the same as a pound of fat. What I wasn't being facetious about however, is that I AM doing the c25k. I AM building muscle. So, if I weighed 278 last week and theoretically had a huge calorie deficit (because of my low calorie intake + c25k workouts+ being an pro-active mommy and carrying around 2 20+lb children every day all day) then I SHOULD have lost weight. The factors attributing to my gain were listen in my last post. 1. water weight. 2. muscle gain. or 3. crappy quality of food. So, even if I were to have lost 0lbs of fat, I may have gained 2lbs of muscle HENCE THE WEIGHT GAIN. That is what I was talking about when I mentioned #2. Then again maybe I gained 1lbs of muscle and had retained 1lb of water. WHATEVER. Just so we're all clear here on the fact that I DO know what I'm talking about.

((can anyone tell I'm a little irritable? I've had my period off and on for 5 weeks now. It will come. Leave after a week. Be gone for 2-3 days and return. It teases me. Last time it left for 12 hours. I was so thankful for it to be finally gone and then it returned with a vengeance. Now, here I am and it is dissipating again but I'm no fool. I don't expect it to be gone. I'm just waiting for my stupid hormones to regulate from that frickin depo shot I made the mistake of taking after Breezely was born))

And with that I am out.


  1. a pound of muscle does weigh the same as a pound of fat or a pound of feathers ....its just a pound f muscle is so much more usedfal than fat or feathers at burning calories! Cute do! something must be in the air.

  2. Love the hair and I LOVE the biggest loser I am addicted to it!

  3. they may weigh the same, but they look different! And that's what's important - right? :P (P.S. I get your sarcasm - I can't cope in life without it. It just is so hard to translate it into the typewritten word....)


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