Saturday, May 22, 2010


Okay so first off I must say, Becca, that you truly ruined my dream of flying. How do you feel about yourself now?? I really thought it would be totally kickass to build my own super advanced and technological rocket boots and repeatedly slam my body against walls behind me. I was really looking forward to the thrill and the emarrassment and the bruises, oh and of course being extinguished by my smart fire extinguisher afterward, even though I would never actually be on fire. Come on! Tell me that wouldn't frickin ROCK!!

Tell me you read the sarcasm.

I have had a self discovery this morning. And no it wasn't as I catapulted myself at walls. I realized that I have a BIG problem with cleaning my plate. I'm seriously OCD about it. What I can't figure out is why. Why when I am comfortably full and still have half a plate of food left do I feel the uncontrollable NEEED to finish it? Even if I'm beyond stuffed and have a half a plate left I still HAVE to finish it. Why the compulsion? I logically know that nothing horrible or traumatic will happen if I don't finish it. I logically know that this isn't my last meal or even the last time I'll have this particular meal (whatever it may be), and yet I just can't stop myself. Just short of throwing the food on my plate in the garbage disposal the minute I'm satisfied, I don't know what to do and am consuming far more calories than necessary at any given meal forcing me to forgo healthy snacks to stay in my calorie range.

BTW thanks for all the awesome comments on my 20 week post. Off to get ready for my day.

The Fat Chick
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  1. Complusive plate cleaner here. I know its hard. I tried serving myself smaller portions, but besides that I haven't come up with a better idea of dealing with it.

  2. I knew it, I knew you were going to end up hurting yourself.... tsk tsk.

  3. I have a hard time throwing away food, b/c we were poor my whole life. i got the "children are starving in china/africa/choose a country speech all the time. SO, to this day I have a hard time tossing it away. Especially if we eat out. Now I just visualize fat cells on the plate when I'm done, and I pretend I'm throwing away my fat. Cheesy - but it works!

  4. I do it too. I go one step further as well....I eat whatever is left of my kids' dinners. It's awful! *sigh* Let me know if you find a cure. Maybe we need zap collars or something.

  5. "Just short of throwing the food on my plate in the garbage disposal the minute I'm satisfied,

    The question is:~ And what's wrong with that?

    I was told that I could eat anything I liked as long as I ran it under the tap first. Try running your plate under a tap first -- then eat all you like. It works for donuts too, and cookies, cakes, bread, cream, potato chips lol...:)


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