Sunday, May 16, 2010


My last RIDICULOUS binge was at the very end of April. So, I'm going on a little over 2 weeks. My last PLANNED/CONTROLLED binge was a little less than a month ago.

Now, I don't PLAN PLAN my PLANNED binges. I can just tell when one is needed. Friday was the purse party. I ate okay. Not too too much, but not spot on either. I felt a little tiny bit out of control. Saturday was okay. I still ate more than I should have but I didn't binge. This is what I call the equation for failure. Allow yourself to slowly migrate back into your old ways, thinking 'I'm not binging, so I'm okay.' NEGATIVE! HOUSTON HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROB-LEM!! In the event of finding myself slowly sliding back into my nonchalant bad eating habits, I know it is time for a PLANNED binge.

Why? You ask.

Well, for 2 reasons.
#1 and LEAST importantly, I can eat anything I want and not feel guilty, knowing that I am still ON PLAN and IN CONTROL.

But mainly for reason #2. I don't hold back in my PLANNED binges. I go all out. Anything is game. ANY-THING! The point, for me, is to make myself sick. To remind myself why I am turning my life around. To remind myself how it feels to feel FAT and FULL and LAZY and SLOVENLY and SICK all the time. I think it is healthy to remind ourselves once in a while how horrible it was to feel the way we once felt, to put extra motivation in continuing forward and creating progress.

So, today I had a PLANNED binge day. AND LET ME TELL YOU. My kidneys hurt from the lack of water. My stomach is bloated and sticking out in all sorts of directions that it hasn't in a while. I am fatigued and crampy and I just want to sleep. But I had a new symptom of over-eating today. Now, I don't know if I am alone in this or not but let me say first, I am NOT a drinker. So when I happen to have a glass of wine, or any kind of alcohol, I tend to sweat. Why? Well, because not only does alcohol dehydrate you, it is a stimulant which raises your body temperature which in turn can cause you to sweat in an effort to cool yourself. Today, I sweat as I ate. Now, aside from dehydration I noticed that as I ate I could actually feel myself getting warmer. How odd. Then I noticed the content of what I was eating. SUGAR! Another stimulant. My body has never reacted that way to sugar before and I think it was because it was so accustomed to taking it in, that it didn't recognize it as a stimulant. TODAY THOUGH; different story. And this is what the purpose of my PLANNED binges are. Redo. Remember. Respond differently. I redid my previously poor actions. I remembered their consequences and I CHOOSE to respond differently than I did all those other times that I FAILED.


Today is over now, though. I'm not (that) sick anymore. I still have a cough but it's just remnants of what I had. My knee is still only at about 80% but I can walk well and I think jogging is even a possibility again now. So, tomorrow starts anew. Eating on track, C25K, and whatever else the good Lord has in store for me.

Remember, Tuesday is the last day for the Stretching Photo challenge. All participants must have submitted their photos to by 8PM PST!

And now, I will sleep.

Goodnight friends.

The Fat Chick


  1. I had my planned binge day for nearly a i am starting to step away from them..but early on, invaluable.
    Do what works for you.
    At some point I got this bright idea to maybe one day strap 100 lbs on me and take a five mile hike to remind myself what it felt like.
    But then came to my senses and settled for a tattoo.

  2. LOVE the notion of choice and use it daily in my world as well.
    DEFINITELY for fitness but also for life.
    choosing to be married every morning.
    choosing to have a great day when all indicators point other wise.

    choosing choosing....

    have a good monday!
    Im choosing to as well.

    xo xo


  3. heya! Ive been out of it for a while, just read your latest post, and wanted to say CONGRATS on the progress you've made! You are amazing!!

  4. oh my gosh, not only are you in my head but I love you for posting this. Seriously. I ate a little extra on friday, then a little more extra on saturday, then a little more extra on sunday and today I had domino's, and ice cream. I thought I was just allowing my self a "little extra" but then it turned into 4 days of a "little extra". So i majorly binged today with the domino's and i feel fat and disgusting. i feel the grease pouring out of my forehead. Yuck.
    But this post makes me see that I can't allow myself to slip little by little. thank you SOOOOO much for this post!!!! YOu really made me see that in myself, and have helped another person avoid that trap!!!!


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