Thursday, June 3, 2010


I posted yesterday via my iPhone. It even said that the post was published but somehow between here (my phone) and my blog, the post must have taken a detour. Dangit!

So a recap. I've been doing well. Eating wise. Writing wise. Ex wise. I'm taking your advice and seeking representation. The scale hasn't budged from 277 except once to say 280 after a particularly heavy sodium meal. But I am confident I am doing well and soon the scale will reflect that. I am not however doing so well with exercise. I pinched a nerve in my back at some point and so have been having intervals of pain.

Tonight I plan to report the photos I took for the 1st of June. Until then.

This is my leg and it actually has shape, not just a fat blob! Yay!!!

The Fat Chick

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  1. Glad you're doing good, keep up the good work and keep your spirits high!

  2. Way to go sexy legzz. :) That scale will move eventually, it had to. Simple math. :P

  3. Keep on going, and great job on lawyering up.
    Keep your head up.


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