Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Got a text from the husband today asking if he could talk to me.

I said sure.

He called to inform me he has been searching out lawyers and that he wants a divorce.


He then tells me, just so you know I WILL have the girls at least two times a week.

Um ok.

He then tells me everything I've done wrong including being a crappy wife.

Then he tells me he found a lawyer who is only going to charge him $200.

Uh yeah for what? Breathing the same air?

He then called me a liar because I forgot his fathers day gift yesterday and when I called him out on yesterdays debit card scandal he said I lie to him so he lied to me. He then contradicted himself saying he doesn't like to lie. I asked if he doesn't like to lie why lie about something so trivial. He said cuz he could.


So I am gonna wait for him to serve me. Less expensive that way for me. I have a good lawyer who will back me up when the time comes and she's a good lawyer. Definitely charges more than $200.

Any advice from women who have been there done that??

The Fat Chick

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  1. Oh my, I could write a book! Although, my lawyer said it's better to initiate it than to defend in a divorce. Said that way you're asking for all the stuff YOU want and they have to tell the court why you don't deserve it instead of your having to ask for more and explain why. Remember that while you are waiting, he could rack up debt or have an accident that you will be financially and legally liable for. Also, I've seen almost-ex-husbands empty the joint bank account, find ways to reduce their income temporarily, take the wife's car & sell it, etc. It takes a LOT of time to get it back if the court orders it and OMG the court process takes FOREVER. Make sure you take the money that's in any joint account that you need for bills, put it in a separate account. Don't take it all because then you look bad. Anything you thought he would NEVER do...he'll do. Not pay bills even after being ordered to, not paying child support by working for pay under the table, etc.

    Once your divorce is final, you will be FREE of his holding the marriage, visitation, and money over your head. Get EVERYTHING in detail written down to CYA in the divorce papers. Seriously. He sounds like a bully until faced with real authority, and the court does not play when a spouse tries to screw the other one over or says crazy stuff in court. Feel free to email me because I almost did write a book here. Sorry!

  2. I get so pissed off for you whenever I read posts about this guy. He sounds like a nightmare! I truly hope you get things sorted out in the best way possible for you and your girls. <3

  3. I filed for legal separation last December...I just couldn't bring myself to make the box "divorce." Well we're legally separated as of April 15th. We were trying to work it out, but guess that's over now.:( So I have to wait 6 months to change it to a divorce and I don't know how long after that it will be I guess I will file myself in October. Her ex sounds crazy and I'm sorry you have to go thru that. Was it hard to get over him at first though?


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