Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today (well, actually tuesday the 23rd) my girls and I had arranged to meet the husband for breakfast at 10:30.

At 10:26 while we have already been sitting at the restaurant for 5 minutes he texts me and says he won't be there at 10:30. (he actually wrote 11:30 but that's neither here nor there).

So he was about 20 minutes late and if you're a mom of little ones, you know how long 20 minutes or even 5 minutes can be for them.

When he finally got there he was flirty. (gag!!) We ate and then he told me to pay with my debit card from our joint account. Considering he usually pays I asked him where his was and he told me he didn't bring it. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't brought mine.

Then we go to the mall so Buzzy and Breezy can ride the carousel and the train. They cost $1.75 per person. Husband said he had $4, and did I have any cash. I said no and I couldn't use my debit card because for some reason my pin had been deactivated or changed. Hmmm...

So he took Buzzy to get money which I thought was weird because he said he didn't bring his debit card. They ride the train and the carousel.

Husband than announces we need to change cell phone financial responsibility to his name. No prob! But come to find out in order to do that they require a credit check and his credit is shit. He proceeds to let me know that he'll figure out a way.

Um ok.

Then we go to the play area and usually he plays with the girls. Today he's snapping photos with his
iPhone like it's goin outta style. When I finally prompt him 3 times he stops and plays with the girls. But the whole time he kept asking Buzzy if she was ready to go home, as if he was in some kind of hurry. So weird and completely out of character.

Once home I called our bank and confirmed that he had indeed lied to me and had his debit card with him the whole time. I wonder why he lied. I honestly don't care enough to ask and instigate a fight though.

In other news I am probably going to be starting online classes toward my ba in journalism and mass communication. Wish me luck.

That's all for now.

The Fat Chick

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  1. ahhh that sentence. the not caring enough to ask to instigate a fight.
    for some reason FINALLY learning that in my own life (took me almost 40 years :)) has been amazing as far as mitigating my own stress levels.

    xo xo


  2. I'm glad that you don't care enough to pick a fight. What a douche for lying to you though. Geez.


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