Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Today my husband called to say Happy Birthday to Buzzy.

She refused to talk to him.

Yesterday at midnight he had texted me saying that he would be bringing over the play house he had bought for Buzzy at 11am.

Now on the phone with him he says that he'll be over eventually to bring it.

I said, at 11 right?

He said, no whenever I get there.

I said, you said 11. You need to come at 11.

He said, I'll come whenever I want.

I said, no. This isn't your house. It is my moms and you are welcome at 11.

He said, who cares if it's your moms house. I wouldn't want to come in there anyway.

I said, good because you weren't invited inside. You can see your daughters outside where they can run around and play.

He repeated, I wouldn't want to come into your mom or grandparents house anyway and I don't care what they think.

(uh ok)

I said, so are you coming at 11?

He said, I'll be there when I get there.

I said, I need a time.

He said, I don't know.

I said, and my car and the insurance?

He said, I'm switching accounts.

I said, that wasn't my question. Are you going to pay for my car and the insurance.

Again he said, I don't know.

I said, fine. So are you coming at 11? Or give me a time.

He said, I don't know.

And this is where it turned ugly.

I said, you cant just show up whenever you want.

He said, and if I do, what are you going to do?

I said, I'll call the cops for harrassment.

He said, go ahead. I'm not scared. Oh and prepare yourself for divorce.

I said, I am prepared.

He said, good to know and hung up.

I have my lawyer in place now and will have my first consultation with her soon.

This is the face of one stressed out mama!!

The Fat Chick

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  1. God, people of his ilk piss me off. You must have the patient of a saint to put up with his shit!

  2. Hey, at least you look skinny in your pic! Good luck girl- he sounds like a nightmare.

  3. Wishing you ALL the best of luck with this! A good friend of mine is going through some nasty times with her ex as well and it makes me just want to hunt down all the moron ex's and practice my kickboxing. I'm so sorry for you and the girls & I hope the birthday girl ended up having a happy day in spite of it all!

  4. What an immature asshole. No matter if he wants to get back at you in some vindictive streak, there is still the issue of the kids and just plain HUMAN civility and fatherly duty.

    I hope he gets his act together for the sake of everyone's peace of mind, particularly the little ones.

    Geesh, I wanted to slap him myself!

    Calm down and have an herbal iced tea and just meditate or pray for a while. Stay calm. Don't let HIM win by making you nuts with stress. Okay? We don't want to see your adrenals fatigued. :(

  5. Try not to let him get to you - I know it is easier said then done. You need to focus your energy on your girls and you.

    He obviously is a f***ed up person and you don't need him to drag you down any further. If he can't even commit to a time on his daughters BIRTHDAY there is something really wrong with him! IMHO you should just cut your losses and get a court order for supervised visits for him. He does not sound mentally stable and the girls don't need to be subjected to that either. Hang in there!

  6. Good for you. I'm sure this will be a very hard road. But you deserve someone who treats you and your girls right!

  7. It must be hard not to fall into the trap of arguing with him. I think you should just state your needs once and leave it at that. If he chooses to come and go as he pleases, he might find no one to be home when he magically appears.

    Don't sweat it chica!

  8. Good luck to you with your husband. You definitely need to get rid of him. I agreee with Diz, you do look skinnier in your pic.

  9. Your story sounds so much like mine...almost identical really. The whole husband mess especially. It is such a rough thing to go through, and it doesn't help when they're stringing you along, pulling you in, pushing you back with all the harsh words. (My counselor called that a serious form of mental/emotional abuse...can be worse than physical.) Stay strong and I've only just been a lurker on your blog, but I do read, and if you ever wanna talk, you can email me:

  10. I want to smack him for you!!:)


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