Thursday, June 24, 2010


Once upon a time there was an artist. A new artist who wasn't particularly confident in her work. She would start and stop, trash her attempts, Start over and continue in this pattern. There were people who followed the projects of this new artist and there were three kinds of spectators. There were the encourgers. The ones who had nothing but kind words of encouragment and motivation for the young artist. These were the people who kept the young artist from giving up.There were the quiet onlookers who had nothing positive but nothing negative to say either. These were the people who made the young artist feel proud when she reached a new accomplishment and the people she felt guilty about disappointing when she failed, again. And lastly there was the small group of pessimistic people who would shout their critisisms when the young artist was at her lowest. These are the people she heard most clearly. You can't do this
You'll never accomplish anything
You're not talented enough
You will fail
When the artist would hear these comments she would hesitate and evaluate her work. Could she do this? Would she ever accomplish anything? Did she have any talent at all? Was she really destined to fail?
And as she would look around her at her crumpled attempts at perfection she realized that she needed to keep trying, regardless of the pessimism around her. People could tell her all day that she would fail but the true failure would be in stopping all together. The true failure would be in allowing those people to dictate her future and most importantly, she realized that no one could create her art but her. No one could start it or finish it but her and if she didn't try she would never know her true potential.

The moral of the story is: your life is your journey. Take advice from those you respect and respect peoples opinions but in the end make your own decisions because you are the only one who will reap the benefits or bear the consequences of your choices. Choose to live. Don't stop because someone else tells you you can't do it. If you don't keep trying you'll never know your true potential.

The Fat Chick

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  1. Your amazing and that is really a hard realization. Have the belief in your self is hard than believing any thing else. Blessed be i know your strong enough and talented!

  2. so true.
    in an empowering way (its our journey! we control the outcome!!), too.


  3. Truely awesome! An amazing post! Thank you for putting it in writing! GOD bless you!


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