Saturday, July 3, 2010


He was supposed to go to his lawyer on Monday of last week.

Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't.

He was supposed to sign papers.

Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't.

I'm leaning toward he didn't though because I haven't been served. 6 days later and I haven't been served.

So initially he didn't contact me or 5 days after he threatened to file. Then he calls me at 11:45pm! I was asleep and didn't answer. The next day he texts me saying I can pay the phone bill, so I do only to find that puts our bank account in the negative. I text him to tell him as much.

Then he waits another 3 days to contact me again. That's a total of 10 days where he has contacted me 2x without asking about his girls.

Today, the 11th day he calls and asks to talk to the girls. He does but he only has 3 things to say to them. 'what are you doing?' 'i love you' and 'pass me back to your sister'. The two first phrases were repeated several (like 9 times during the 7 minute phone call) the rest of the time was spent in silence on his end and eventually the girls would get bored and move on to more fun endeavors. However he seemed to be listening for this because the minute Buzzy would say goodbye or Breezy stopped making noise he'd say 'buzzy' or 'breezy, I love you my love,' which would inevitably draw them back.

Finally the call ended and buzzy had a fit cuz daddy had called but we weren't going to see the horseys ( the carousel at the mall where we go to see him sometimes)

So I'm frustrated because buzzy is upset and unnecessarily.

So then a half hour later he calls again and hangs up when I answer. Serious frustration is starting to set in.

I call him back, prepared to request he not call if he's going to hang up but apparently he was at work.

So he talks to the girls again. Another 10 mins of those same phrases with a Happy Birthday Breezy thrown in. I tell him it's not her birthday. He says it's the 3rd isn't it? I said yes, of AUGUST! He proceeds to ask an 11 month old what she wants repeatedly. Says those two first phrases 7 more times and then says he has to go to work.


That just feels so unneccesary and disruptive!! Agghh!

Just had to write it out.

The Fat Chick

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