Sunday, July 25, 2010

I wanted to thank everyone who has sent well wishes for my mom. Tomorrow she is going for a follow-up appointment with her normal doctor. She hasn't been feeling any better. Her chest is still tight, she still has shortness of breath, back-shoulder-arm pain on the left side, she is weak and at times has a hard time making a coherent sentence. It's like she's all there, she knows what she wants to say but when the words try to leave her mouth they get jumbled. It seems she breathes easier when she's sitting still for long periods of time and the tightness/weakness is worse in the early evening.

Regarding the one post, suggesting it was her gallbladder, I thank you for that suggestion. She actually recently had her gallbladder removed (okay, not recently. Approximately 1 year ago just before Breezy was born) so I wonder if there is anything to do with that. A family friend who is an Oncology nurse said that my mom had 4 of the 5 symptoms that indicate heart attack, but when her blood was taken the doctors were sure that that was not the case. I guess whatever the heart emits when it is under great stress (as in with a heart attack) were not present, but like another commenter stated, doctors don't always know what they're talking about. It's called a PRACTICE for a reason right. Nothing is concrete and no one knows everything.

On a lighter note, many eons ago everyone in my family had one of these. They are called The Lateral Thigh Trainer. They are like a mix between an elliptical and a stair stepper. They work really well. Well, we all got rid of our because no one every used them. Thankfully one of my family members did keep hers and she is going to lend it to me. So, I am going to use it and my makeshift stationary bike (the mini elliptical positioned backwards) and hopefully get some good workouts in. Since I can't buy a real bike right now, and a stationary one would take up too much space in my room I'm thinking the mini elliptical will do just the trick. I just need to find a good chair to sit in while I do it. Not too high or too low and as for the lateral thigh trainer, I am hoping it works me out as good as a stair stepper might. All of this used as improvisation of course, until my girls are in school and I can go get a membership at a gym. That's a couple years coming though, so this will have to do for now.

Remember I told you in my last post that 'dinner had been served' and I was either going to eat too little or too much? Well, I think I actually did really well. My grandma made stuffed bell peppers. (she cooks zatarans spanish rice and mixes in ground hamburger and then stuffs the peppers with that and covers it in cheese) I had one bell pepper. No more, no less so I think I did okay.

And on that note (of not knowing exactly how I did) my aunt is going to let me use her food scale. Yay! I have been feeling so insecure and like I'm doing it all wrong when I am about to eat something like tri-tip and I don't know if what I have on my plate is a serving size of 3oz or 6oz or more. So hopefully using her food scale will help with that.

My BOX DIET is going well though. Obviously for the last few days I have not adhered as closely as I'd like because on Friday I had that stupid binge-fest. Yesterday I spent much of the day in the hospital where you don't find boxed Lean Cuisines and today was spent caring for my mom and trying not to eat us out of house and home. Tomorrow, I'm back on track though. BOX DIET resumes.

Speaking of tomorrow, I think I am supposed to see the ex so he can see his girls. I may or may not. I really don't think I should leave my mom while her health hangs in the balance the way it is. I'm not very superstitious but bad things almost always seem to happen when you are away (or at least that's my experience) so in case something were to happen, I'd like to be as close as possible. And even if nothing were to happen, I want to be available to help with whatever needs to be helped. Ya know? Being that he only sees them once a week, (his choice) does this seem unreasonable? I'm open to opinions.

And lastly, I went to the park this evening with Breezy, Buzzy, my gramma and my 8 year old cousin. I then proceeded to run my 8 year old cousin all the way back home in Buzzy's toy car. My calves are screaming at me. Oh and yesterday morning, before all hell broke loose, I did some of the 30 Day Shred (some because Breezy was being needy and I can't do jumping jacks holding a 25lb child) and then I did some of Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds on Comcast ON Demand. (Some, once again, because by then Breezy was not only needy but needing a nap desperately) So, I walked, kicked and knee lifted away the pounds for about 15 minutes carrying my 25lb baby and then she wouldn't have it anymore so I had to stop. I plan on doing more of those workouts though, because they're easy and yet I really broke a sweat. (probably cuz I was carrying Breezy?)

Now, it is 11PM and I shall bid my readers adieu. Thank you again for all the support and well wishes. You guys are awesome!

Until tomorrow,

The Fat Chick


  1. This sounds like a stroke. She tries to talk but the words come out jumbled. You may want to google the symptoms. Hope she feels better, I wuold focus on your mom tomorrow. Big hugs and good wishes.

  2. aphasia? sp? that sounds so much like what happened to my aunt and grandmother as well.



  3. Thanks Doctor... Thanks!!!you are extremely good at Losing Fat... The which i was looking for!!! Losing Fat

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like she suffered a stroke. You should get your mom to the hospital and DEMAND that they do an MRI/MRA and CAT scan (there are differences in those two) of her head and chest. That would show whether she had a heart attack or a stroke.

    I don't believe it's that doctors don't know, I think it has more to do with insurances. Doctors won't go above and beyond to find out what's wrong unless a patient or their insurance will pay for all the procedures. That's why you have to demand certain tests. Insurance companies will usually pay for scans but originally deny claims in hopes that the patient won't fight it. FIGHT FOR YOUR MOM!! And I hope she feels better soon. :)

  5. I have the WATP DVD. That is quite a workout. I thought it would be a piece of cake. I mean, it's not hard, it's just more than I thought it would be. I've not done it in a while though.

    Hope your mom is doing ok. :)


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