Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For every 190 followers it seems I have 1 person who feels the need to knock me down few notches. That's okay. I'm tough. I have thick skin.

What I am amazed by is the support that comes flowing in when that 1 person goes on their rampage. I have received literally dozens of e-mails, a few texts and obviously several comments regarding this person.

I have to let you all know that I utilized the e-mail she offered and though we still disagree on several subjects, a truce of source has been established.

As Ms. Chunky Chick stated in her comment on my last post, this is a place to come and let it all out. Life is so full of ups and downs and everyone needs an outlet. I wish mine was exercise cuz that's what my body NEEDS, but I have been blessed with the drive to write. I write everything from lists upon lists of things to this blog to 700 page novels. I am a writing freak!

*Speaking of, I just wrote 26 pages of my novel out of pure frustration. WOOHOO! Bring on the drama to get my writing juices flowing. Okay, I am really not an advocate of cyber-catfights but I am grateful that this particular one inspired me to write in my book.

But when you write it is to be assumed that at some point someone somewhere is not going to agree or like what has been written. The same goes for people who speak publicly, or really anyone who does anything publicly. Someone somewhere isn't going to like it. Thankfully I have been blessed with a wonderful community of followers/supporters and the people who oppose me either don't express it or are in the severe minority. I'd like to think the latter.

So to answer a few questions that have been raised:

Q: Am I going to stop blogging?
A: NO. It will take more than a few random comments to make me stop blogging.

Q: How do you bounce back when people attack you and your children?
A: If it were physical, things would be seriously different but they aren't. We were attacked with words and words are just that. Words. I have been verbally attacked all my life regarding my weight and my decisions etc. Generally people making accusations don't know me and unless what they are accusing me is unbeknownst to me and true, it doesn't really affect me. I allow people to assume because it really only makes an ass out of them, not me.

Q: Why don't you erase hateful comments from your blog?
A: Because to me that seems like the cowardly thing to do. Erasing the comment means that I feel inferior to it. I don't. There is little that one can say to me that would cause me to bow my head and tuck my proverbial tale between my legs. Deleting comments just isn't necessary.

So, in conclusion I will leave you all with a quote from my mama when I told her about the whole comment-rant situation and let her read everything.

"Does the woman think she's a higher power? Cuz, if she knew you she'd probably be taking two steps back and biting her tongue."

I thought that was pretty funny. I don't necessarily agree with the whole taking two steps back but I have always been told that in person I can be a bit intimidating. (All 5'4" of me haha)

Okay, next post I PROMISE will be weight loss related. I am now dropping this whole comment - politically correct crap.

The Fat Chick


  1. I'd vote for they don't express it. I thought her comment was crap. I thought your response was crap. My response is: are you doing any more clothes shopping any time soon? I'm living vicariously through yours until my budget becomes slightly less anemic ;)

  2. I am here til the end girl!!
    I love you to freakin' pieces and I think you are doing such an amazing job staying strong for your kids!
    I love you girl!! :)

  3. I too wish I was able to exercise to get out my frustrations but alas me and food have had a relationship for the past 28 years an our break up is messy. you can do this girl!

  4. I just had a chance to read the last few blog posts and WOW! That woman has a major stick up her butt! handled her perfectly and Im here to support you!

  5. I don't get why people hate on blogs for not following the format they were expecting. A blog is, in a lot of ways, a written reality show, expressing how life is lived around the general theme, in this case, weight loss. You don't stop living when you're trying to lose weight. No one can live in a weight loss bubble. I think what makes blogs like yours honest and interesting, and what keeps me reading, is how you navigate through you weight loss journey despite the storms of real life.


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