Monday, July 5, 2010


Last night I received a text from the ex:

Him: I want to see my girls tomorrow. In the morning.
Me: Ok, where and when?
Him: Wherever you want, whenever you want.
Me: IHOP at 10:30am
Him: Ok

So today we go for breakfast, then to the mall so Buzzy and Breezy can ride the carousel and train. The entire time we are together, which was approximately 4 hours, we said all of 3 sentences to each other. The rest of the time I spent watching how he interacts with the girls.

On the train I asked him to go with them because my butt is too big for the kiddie cars. He said no. He wanted me to go. I insisted he take them alone. He finally conceded but I could tell he wasn't comfortable. But it's an indoor train that goes approximately 5mph in a 50 ft. loop. Not that big of a deal.

Nothing else of any consequence really happened. Buzzy got an ice cream cone and he committed a child's version of the unpardonable sin. He threw it away before she was done. Buzzy's world came crashing down of course and we had to buy her another one.

Other than that, it was just awkward and uncomfortable. Nothing was said about whether he filed or if I will be served or whatever. I'm good with that. Hopefully I don't have to see him again until next Monday.

On another note, my mom has jumped on the weight loss bandwagon. She and I are doing mini contests. Every week for every pound she loses she gets $5 from me. And every week for every pound I lose, I get an hour of babysitting time from her. At the end of the month whoever has lost the most gets to use up their money or time. Should be interesting.

We weighed mid day today, fully clothed and just after eating a pretty decent sized meal so we both were heavy with water weight etc.

My starting weight was 288 - yup... 10 friggin lbs of 4th of July water weight hanging on this body right now. It will be better by Friday.

She started at 239. So obviously she has quite a bit less to lose than me, but it'll be interesting and fun none-the-less.

Tomorrow I am going to try extremely hard to get measurements done. I really want to see inches vs. scale victories.

And on that note, I am exhausted. I can't even keep my eyes open enough to write the next chapter in my book that I have been dying to write. UGH! Maybe tomorrow.

Sweet dreams, ladies (and gentleman) of blogland.

The Fat Chick


  1. The competition with your mom sounds like fun... I'd be all over scoring babysitting time. :)

  2. I love how you and your mom are teaming up and encouraging each other.

    If I can help you kickherbooty, errr, with tips :) let me know.


  3. I am so proud of you (and now your Mom!)
    I am jumping back on the wagon of weightloss today!!
    Sorry about the ex. At least it is "quiet"...mine is running from child support!
    Love ya girl!
    You are my inspiration! :)


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