Thursday, July 22, 2010


Okay I was going to start this post off differently. WAS. I came across one of the blogs I follow on my google reader and her title said something about UNFOLLOWING in it. Now, I am not sure why she needed to announce it to the world, but that's fine. Freedom of speech right? Anyhoo, I go on to read her post. It was nice, with a PS about unfollowing a blog she thought she really enjoyed (MINE) because we don't see eye to eye on some things. Apparently, in her case homosexuality.

So I have several things to make clear to my readers and anyone who happens upon my blog.

  • You are welcome to read at your leisure from beginning to end or end to beginning, whatever suits your fancy.
  • You are not IN ANY WAY obligated to read one post or another. If you don't like something I have to say, either ignore it or go somewhere else. I have not shackled and bound you by entering my site, to not only read my posts but to agree with them as well.
  • You are welcome to follow me. Be my guest, the button is up there in the right hand corner. Click follow twice and DONE and wham bam thank you ma'am.
  • If at any time you choose it is so pertinent you are ABSOLUTELY WELCOME to unfollow me. Again you are bound by nothing to read what I have to write.
  • I write for myself. Not for those who read so if you don't like what I have to say it is of no obligation of mine to change my mind or to not write my perspective.
  • When you unfollow me, I probably will never know. But if you are one of the many people who follow me, and I have mutually followed you and then you blog about unfollowing me, it is likely I will read it and may or may not mutually unfollow you as well. If I do, it is simply because I only followed you because you were following me. If I don't, it is because I sincerely like your blog and your dislike of mine has no bearing on what I will and won't read.
  • Like I am sure you expect me to respect you and your personal property (even in cyber space) I expect you to respect mine. If I make a request that certain issues not be commented on I expect that to be respected. If it is not, comments will be turned off, as happened with my most recent post.

Now that, that is cleared up. I thought since this particular person did not interpret my beliefs correctly that I would state them here. Once again for your benefit so you can decide whether I am worthy of following.

  • I am a Christian. Not a saint. I try to follow the Bible because I believe it is the living word of God. I am however, human. I sin and have fault and will never ever ever be perfect.
  • Being a Christian I cannot with good conscience condone acts that are forbidden by the 10 commandments. If you are a murderer or a thief, it is unlikely that I will want to associate with you. If you are of another religion, worship idols, take the Lord's name in vain (knowingly), curse your parents, cheat on your spouse, or lie than it is likely we can be friends but agree to disagree on certain subjects. If you work on Saturday or Sunday, well, I can't really hold that against you in this day and age. You gotta feed your kids.
  • I am not right wing conservative and I do not hate liberals/democrats. I am moderate conservative and I dislike immensely some of the laws implemented by said liberals/democrats.
  • I do not hate anyone, though my ex comes very close. Rather I dislike many many people.
  • I am 100% against abortion. Does that mean I will judge YOU for having one? No. That isn't up to me.
  • I am 95% against illegal immigration. That 5% allows for people fleeing from corrupt countries where their lives and well being are in danger because of radical groups/dictators.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I DO NOT HATE GAY PEOPLE. I do not agree with the lifestyle but it is theirs to lead. I am no one to judge. In fact I have several gay male friends myself and they are truly wonderful people.

*When I wrote my last post about Jesus being anti-gay, anti-abortion and anti-premarital sex I was asked where in the Bible it said anything like this. I looked it up and found the text and as a product have been labeled as all of the above as well as labeled that I think God HATES EVERYONE. Let me make this crystal clear. The text from the Bible DOES NOT MEAN THAT GOD HATES PEOPLE WHO ARE GAY OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE ABORTIONS OR PEOPLE WHO HAVE PREMARITAL SEX. God does not hate anyone. He hates what we do, not who we are. He hates the act of murder. Not the murderer. He hates the act of adultery, not the adulter. Okay?!?!

  • I am not a supporter of premarital sex. HYPOCRITE, is what you are screaming at me from behind your computer screen I'm sure. But let me explain. I am not a supporter of it because I know the consequences. Aside from my religion frowning upon it, premarital sex has so many consequences and very few positives. Again though, I don't judge people for having premarital sex. This is one thing that unfortunately a person has to learn for themselves. The even more unfortunate part is that once the lesson is learned, it's too late.
  • I don't support Obama, nor did I support much of what the Bush Administration did. I am not a huge fan of politicians in general.
  • I am not GREEN. I believe, yes we should take care of our planet, but not to the extreme extent that activists are taking these days.
  • Now to get to who I really am. I am a 25 year old single mother of two little girls trying to make a life with very little. I was sexually abused as a young teen and then proceeded to waste 10 years of my life on someone who only used me to gain residency in this country and therefore trust very few men. I write as a hobby and one day hope to be published. It is a life long dream and if it takes the duration of my life to dream it into existence than so be it. I am fat. Whether it is gluttony, a subconscious defense mechanism, a need for control or something I have not yet discovered, I don't know, but I'm working hard to figure it out. I write on this blog because it is therapeutic and cathartic for me. I enjoy that other people read my blog as well. I do not take any joy from hurting or belittling or spiting other people, much less people I have never met. If you enjoy this blog than I encourage you to read. If you don't, than I encourage you to find one that you do enjoy.

And now I am moving on.

It's nice every once in a while to deviate from the same ol same ol. However, I think it's time to get back to the purpose of this blog which IS weight loss. Of course other topics will arise. That's life. But that was yesterday and today, now, I want to get back to weight loss.

So today I went shopping as I promised one of my readers who says she is living vicariously through me until her financial situation is a bit better:

This is my face. Duh right? Lol well yesterday I got my eyebrows waxed. The girl left them too thick for my taste but hey, they don't look like bush hedges anymore.

This is what I started out wearing. Same size 20 pants cuz they're the only ones that fit me right, my 2x black camisole and 2x blue shirt. Ssshhh it's actually a pajama shirt but that's just between us *wink*

And this is what I tried on.

Black Dickie style pants size 22.
I bought them

Same Dickie pants and button up black shirt.
I wanted to buy the black shirt but it tied in the back and I fear EVER looking pregnant again so passed on the potentially maternity-esque shirt.

Cargo pants size 22. They were too big. Weird!

A plaid button up.
I felt a little bit like a Hillbilly

A knit hoodie.
I bought this
A peasant top. Toooo tight in 2x.
They didn't have a 3x or I would have tried it. Was cute on top.

A 2x shiny black shirt with a belt.
Only a few more inches down in the waist and maybe I can pull this one off?
OK who am I kidding? I need to lose like a ton in my waist before I can pull this one off.

An pretty orange top that I made look hideous.

A white and blue top with an empire belt.

And a purple top.
Wanted to buy this one but it was $40 not on sale. Poo!
And that, my lovelies was my shopping experience for today. Tomorrow is weigh in. I have been good. Staying around 1700 calories or less a day. Not much to speak of on the exercise front though, so we shall see. If today is any look in a crystal ball for tomorrow morning it may be that I'll just be maintaining again. Hmmmm. I need a bike. Food for thought.
The Fat Chick


  1. We don't agree on everything, but I think you're great. And I LOVE that blue and white top!!!

  2. Your eyebrows look great. Your makeup is very pretty :)

    I tried on that purple shirt in the last picture at TJ Maxx a couple of weeks ago and regret not buying it :(

    Can't wait to see your weigh in results tomorrow :)

  3. The white and blue top with an empire belt looks great on you!

  4. Your eyebrows look awesome to me!!!:)

    I totally like your blue and white top!!! I like those styles! :D It's sexy! :D

  5. I LOVED that black shirt with the belt on you!
    I think it looked AWESOME!
    Girl you are beautiful! Your face is so small! :)
    Great job...
    and I think we have the same view on so much!!!!

  6. Cute clothes! I wish you bought the purple one too!

  7. (I'm gonna beat the horse for one minute. :) )

    In a world of so many differences (a melting pot!) how can you unfollow someone who you don't see eye to eye with? I mean, you can't do that in real life. Could you imagine? You're walking down the street with a friend who mentions something you don't agree with--BAM! You turn and walk the other direction-unfollow! Your boss has different feelings than you do about abortion? I quit!! I mean, it's silly. As long as someone isn't preaching their stances on every topic in the world (homosexuality, religion, politics, etc.) we can be friends. Hell I'll even listen to your side and contemplate it. But am I going to turn my back on you? Absolutely not. We live in 2010, my friend, this country is a Melting Pot in ever sense of the word (even more so when we got the nickname Melting Pot) and it's just a way of life that we have to adapt to. 'Nuff said. :)

    And moving on...I hate trying on clothes. I think it's because everything looks so ridiculous on me. Although, Torrid has good clothes and I had a blast trying stuff on there. You look great!! Keep it up!

  8. Hi girl! I really admire your morals and love how you won't back down. I have been attacked this week also by a blogger. It isn't fun!!!! But, I think you are great!! We believe very similiar! Love all the clothes! You should have bought that $40 shirt it was my fav :)

  9. I love the blue shit with the belt!!I hope you bought that one. Where were you shopping?

  10. LOL omg I did not even notice that hahaha
    SHIRT I like the blue SHIRT

  11. I love the top and pants you bought, flattering and they fit well!! The purple shirt, I have a few like it in diff colors, but I got them at a store called AJ Wright---CHEAP, like under 10 bucks each!
    I think one thing Im noticing about your pics is that you are starting to look petite!! You are a good 4 inches taller than I am, but thats what happens to me when I begin to lose weight--instead of just needing BIG clothes, I need larger petite sizes to get the proportions right. Most of the tops you tried on look too long to be flattering to that emerging shape of yours!
    Oh and the black one, if it were a bit looser would look FAB. Keep rockin it girl, you are doing great!!

  12. Just discovered your blog! Love it! Following! And I won't unfollow you ~ or announce it. haha!
    Have a pretty day!


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