Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Urban Dictionary defines Politically Correct as such:

The ideology of weird left wing liberals who want society to be nothing but accepting of all perverts and freaks everywhere. The main basis is not to offend anyone with one little incorrect word.


I received a comment on my most recent blog post regarding my use of the word 'retarded' in my blog, referring to my ex husband's character/personality. I was not referring to an actual physically or mentally handicapped person. Now, I don't purposely refrain from writing about controversial topics on my blog. When the urge hits, (as anyone who has read my blog for any length of time has seen) I do touch on controversial topics every now and again when I feel strongly about the topic. Such as: abortion, our nations current political status etc.

In my opinion using words such as retarded in the context I did is not a big deal. It was the way I chose to express myself in that moment. But it was deemed as politically incorrect.

I for one think politically correctness is RIDICULOUS. I think that people who need special names and special titles and special criteria are RIDICULOUS. Things are what they are and political correctness is just BULLSHIT to cover REALITY.

Want examples?

My ex is one. He is Mexican and yet American's insist on calling him Latino or Hispanic. Well, damn if I'm an idiot but he isn't from Latin America, nor is he from Spain. GASP! He's from Mexico and therefore a MEXICAN! The same way I'm an AMERICAN! A WHITE AMERICAN. Not CAUCASIAN. The color of my skin is WHITE. The same way my neighbor's might be BLACK. I'm sorry but if you were born here in the United States and your great great grandparents were born in and immigrated from Africa that does not make you AFRICAN AMERICAN. That makes them African and you American. Also, a good portion of Africans are actually white but if they were to immigrate to the USA you wouldn't find anyone calling them AFRICAN AMERICANS.

AND I don't go around calling myself GREEK AMERICAN because my great great grandparents came over from Greece.

Now I understand I may be the minority when it comes to these kinds of things. COME ON KRISTEN you all are saying. JUMP INTO THE 21st CENTURY WITH US, but I'm sorry. I'm not into liberal coddling and preference.

For example, ILLEGAL ALIENS?? Oh, no, no, no, we have to call them un-documented because God forbid we actually call them on actually illegally trespassing into our country. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? I have every right to complain. My EX was an illegal alien and his nephews ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS. They came here ILLEGALLY, trespassing over American soil and evading the law. IT WAS ALL ILLEGAL AND THEY ARE ILLEGAL. UNDOCUMENTED MY ASS! THEY HAVE PLENTY OF ILLEGAL DOCUMENTS!!

Now I realize my using the word retarded in the context I did has very little to do with the issues I vented about above, but in essence it does. In today's world, one word can cause WWIII. Why? I call you black instead of African American, I call her a policeman instead of a police person, I say retarded instead of stupid. Why is today's average adult such a friggin wimp that they have to be offended by something so trivial?? The worst part is that the people who are offended are the people who understand best what I am trying to impart. I said my husband was retarded. My intent was to relay that I think he's stupid on many levels. Why is this refutable? If I want to use the word retarded instead of stupid, there should be no problem or misunderstanding. You know what I meant and choose to be offended, that isn't my problem, now is it? Choose to take yourself elsewhere where people cater to spineless wusses.


I apologize to everyone who got through all that without either angrily clicking out or un-following me. LOL I had to get it off my chest because ever since I got that comment it has been bugging me.

Oh and I want to state for the record that my commenter did not accuse me of being politically incorrect. He in fact, warned me against those who would berate me for using the word the way I did. So, this in no way was directed at him.
Edited after first comment: I understand that people who are directly affected by someone who has a mental or physical disability might become offended by the misuse of the word 'retarded'. I understand that people who live in certain situations or have experience with certain things may be more prone to being sensitive to the usage of words. I do not often go around spouting that people are retarded. Yes, on a regular basis I say my ex is retarded. My entire point with this post is to say, random people will jump all over a person who has innocently committed political incorrectness and call them racist or unaccepting etc. There was no mal intent using the word retarded except to express my distaste for my ex's choices. I just think too many people are crucified for innocently being flippant with their vocabulary.
And yes, I realize in explaining myself I am somewhat contradicting everything I wrote, but a fellow blogger made a respectable point, of which I am not opposed to hearing/reading.


  1. Hey, I am about as politically incorrect as they come...but someone once put it this way...(and having a friend who has a developementally disabled child..I can see the point)...
    You are never sensitive to something until it happens to you. Now am I saying we all need to walk on egg shells because stuff happens...no. But,
    If your child were 'retarded'...and you watched your child ridiculed with the term...watched them come home crying...you might be sensitive to the term. I don't have that problem, you don't have that problem so it doesn't push our pissed button. I have a brother who has aids...he is not Gay. He got it through unprotected sex...daily I hear incredibly stupid and uneducated people blathering about how it's a gay disease. You can tell these people have never studied the subject or they wouldn't say such stupid and assinine things. The fastest growing segment of the population becoming infected with HIV or AIds is heterosexual african american women. So you might hear some jack ass spouting off about the gay plague and it slides right by...I hear it and lose my mind.
    If I could get every pompous moron who goes around judging people with aids and has had unprotected sex to raise their hand so I could smack them, I would.
    So...just a different POV.
    Oh, and I wouldn't be putting the aiding and abetting stuff up there...I don't know what the statute of limitations is...but I think they can still ding you for that.
    I agree, we need to close our borders.
    Have a great night ;)

  2. Too much girl, too much...Dare you to call someone on their blog "fat"... Keep up the good work..

  3. Okay, so I started reading your blog because I thought it was about weight loss. (It's not. It's about your trainwreck of a life.) And here's what I've learned:

    You're a miserable, sad, single, fat woman with two already fat kids and a pending divorce. You don't seem to have an income or a hope of an income, since you're always asking someone else to pay your bills. You want to be a writer, but your writing on here is subpar at best. You're scared of things that are different or that challenge anything outside your tiny world. You're especially angry at those nasty "liberals" who do nasty things like stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves. (Heaven forbid you ever need any kind of assistance with childcare or food, since I'm sure you'd not take up such a "liberal handout.")

    And, according to your post, it's okay for me to say all these things because that's the reality. Don't blame me. I'm just telling you what I see, and that's my right. Right? I just call it like I see it.

  4. PS: If you are "Jesus following" or whatever you put up there in your incoherent list of attributes, you might ask yourself how Jesus would approach being "PC." Would he use a term used to describe people with a medical condition to mean "stupid"? Would Jesus even call someone stupid? Prolly not. Jesus might take the high road and display his anger with grace and kindness.

    Good luck to you. For the sake of your children, I hope you get your life straightened out sooner rather than later.

  5. Clapping Frantically! I have 3 nephews who are on different places of the Autism Spectrum. I do not consider them "retarded" neither do my sister and brother in law. I also have an ex-husband...him I have often considered "retarded", challenged, touched or just a plain old a** monkey! I live in an area that is over run with "undocumented". At my childrens school the staff is expected to send home news letters in 2 languages because the parents do not all speak English. My pet peeve with this is that many of the "undocumented" drive nicer cars, wear high end clothes and my favorite 2 of the families that do not speak/read English own 3 businesses! So again I give you a standing ovation and suggest you take a bow. PC is an excuse for many people to remain stupid and lazy! How about the PC of +sized clothing having additional charges? Maybe us bigger girls should call the ACLU!

  6. I completely agree. Although, I may not be so blunt as you are... I totally agree about race and illegal aliens. I also read your new post to A. Completely agree to that one too. Keep on writing. (Like you needed my encouragement to do so lol)

  7. To me, it's not what other people consider to be retarded or not. There are children who are developmentally disabled and are classified as Retarded by the state/government. And I see how that word has hurt their mothers and so I've made the choice not to say it.

    The sad thing is, one of these mothers that I know, her child wasn't born 'retarded', she was a healthy baby but one night stopped breathing long enough that the lack of oxygen to her brain caused permanent damage.

    Anyway, I'm am mostly a politically correct person. I don't think my political correctness enables people to remain stupid and lazy. It's just a personal choice I've made to be mostly considerate of other people's feelings.

    Oh and Mexico is indeed a Latin American country. :)


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