Thursday, July 15, 2010


I woke up this morning with a strange attitude toward life.

I feel as though I have a LITERAL switch. Healthy life ON. Healthy life OFF and honestly, I don't really understand the motivators for the switch to flip in either direction. In January I manually flipped it on, telling myself TOO BAD SO SAD YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF NOW FIX IT. Then randomly, sometime in April the switch flipped off. I didn't want it to flip off. I was doing so well. 51lbs down! But that dang switch just flipped right off. Then today, I wake up and my first thought is 'I do not need to enjoy my food today. I need to enjoy how my food makes me feel'. I kid you not, this was my first thought and of course in my mind I was thinking the food along the same lines as yesterday (not junk). So, I guess my proverbial switch has been turned on again. I know because I have lost interest *for the moment* in writing my book. I am ravaging weight loss blogs like its my day job and I am just excited. BUT WHY? Is it that when I do one thing too long, I get bored? Is it that I need a sporadic break and my body tells me so every once in a while? I just don't get it. Anybody else see something that I don't? Chris? You are great at psycho-analyzing. Any ideas on WHY my switch flips involuntarily??

I am actually pretty stoked about tomorrow's weigh in.

The Fat Chick

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  1. I do believe that our bodies get bored when we eat healthy because a) it's what we are used to and b) there are more affordable choices than with healthy foods. If you want to keep that light switch on for longer, here's my suggestion: take one day out of the week where you allow yourself no more than 2000 calories. Yes, it's more than you want to do normally but it is only for one day. One that specific day (which should be the same day each week), let yourself have that Frappacino or hot wings or slice of pizza that you've denied yourself during the week. That way you get to satisfy a craving but you still keep control. I've seen this in action and it works! I've even done it myself, except that my "splurge" is having bread or crackers (since I'm diabetic, the sugar stuff isn't good for me). It helps me jump right back into eating right almost immediately when I allow myself a day of "splurge".

    Hope this helps you keep your switch in the ON position! :)


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