Sunday, July 11, 2010


Warm summer day.

Not just one kiddo sleeping.

But TWO!

What in the world do I do with myself??

I am actually supremely jealous at the moment.

Half my family just left my girls and me to go on a fun road trip to California. I WANNA GO TOO!!

But alas I cannot. No money and two babies who probably wouldnt like to spend 30+ hours in a car. Siiiigh!!

On a brighter note:

Another agent asked for my manuscript!! Ohhhh yeah!!

Tomorrow the ex wants to take the girls to the zoo. I really don't feel comfy going so far (30+ miles) buy i'll make my decision based on the weather. If it's raining or too hot we won't go but if it's like today I really won't have an excuse.

Weight loss is going. I was kinda bummed to see no loss this past Friday but no gain is good too right?!?!

I'm very interested in seeing the poundage vs. Inches at the end of 4 weeks.

And i shall leave you with this:

Aside from three leaf clover tongue, I can turn my feet backward and walk.

Anyone have any weird things they can do with their bodies?

I'm off to take a catnap with my girls.

The Fat Chick

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