Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have been trying to figure out what I want to post about tonight for quite a while. I wrote the beginning of the 20th chapter in my book and now that I am dry of fictional inspiration I find myself buzzing with ideas to write in my blog but for some reason none of them seem to come into fruition. I begin to type and all of a sudden the idea just seems so trivial or I completely forget all together what the purpose of the post was.

So, I’m kind of rambling in an effort to find some blogging inspiration.


Yeah, I guess writing it isn’t going to suddenly make it exist.

Tomorrow I am starting my BOX DIET, as I call it. I’m going back to eating my Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines. I find that maintaining is not my issue. Losing is. I can maintain with the best of them. When I was 325 I maintained that only fluctuating 3-5lbs in any given month. Now, 7 months later I have been around 280 for nearly 2 months and I know that by going back to what works for me (MY BOX DIET) that I will break back into the 270’s and hopefully leave them FOREVER.

After reading BITCH CAKES (sorry no link but you can find her blog on my blog roll – SHE IS AWESOME!) I am totally inspired to buy a bike and a burley for the kiddos to ride in while I ride. Unfortunately, the bike itself is like $200 and the burley another $300-$400. Yeah, I don’t have that kind of money. Maybe for my birthday or Christmas? A girl can hope. The only problem is that by October (my birthday) or Christmas the weather will be too cold again to do any real biking. That is the problem with the Pacific Northwest. Too much dang rain.

So anyway, back to my BOX DIET. 3 boxes a day –whichever I choose and all the fruits and veggies I can stuff myself with + 1 liter water bottle that I fill with lemon flavored crystal light. I am hoping that this will push me back down on the scale. When I started in January it was easy peasy and I was never hungry. Let’s hope history repeats itself.

Now, I am off to read a bit, because – well – it’s relaxing and that’s what writers do. Write, write, write, read, write, write, write, read. LOL

PS – Today was weigh in day for the mommy and me challenge. We weighed fully clothed – midday after lunch like last week and I have lost 5lbs. Granted I was still in the 280’s (283 to be exact) but that was with clothes and after food consumption. I’ll take it.

Until Next time Lovies!

The Fat Chick


  1. (LOVE Bitchcakes as well)

    and I giggled at how you called it your box diet.

    whatever works huh?

    and speaking of reading---have you read a million miles in a thousand years?

    it is amazing.
    lifechanging for me (and I never say that) in all spheres of my healthylivingwriterlivingLIFE.


  2. lalskjdf;laksjdfJuly 14, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    Good luck with the box diet! If I could afford it, I would probably be doing that too. I am soo loving Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers!


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