Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It is officially official that as of today I am back on the wagon again.

That was a long stretch of . . . I don’t even know what.

I suppose I should attempt to recap these past weeks. It was a roller coaster of massive proportions.

You see I did not merely fall off the wagon. No. That would have been too easy. Instead I fell off. Set there and pitied myself for a while as the wagon grew smaller in the distance. Then I got up, dusted myself and ran in the opposite direction. When the wagon was no longer visible and I had decided I had enough and I turned back around, the pantry gremlins kidnapped me, took me to their kitchen cave, tied me to the table and shoved food down my throat. You name it. I was forced to eat it. Chips N dip, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy, and even Twinkies and hostess cupcakes. I DON’T EVEN LIKE TWINKIES OR HOSTESS CUPCAKES! Then, for some reason the gremlins released me back out onto the path again with a sugar induced headache and without knowing which way was what. I stumbled in the direction I thought the wagon may have gone, only to be encountered by the stupid taunting gremlins. They would lure me in, no longer having to tie me down and I would consume mass quantities of food at their desire. Then I was back outside in a thick fog looking for that damned wagon. This happened again and again until today. Today I found a path that looked familiar and sprinted onto it. Not only did I pick the right path but I found that forsaken wagon and I’ll be damned if I didn’t jump back on it. I am currently sitting on the tailgate, dangling my feet off, already nostalgic for the taste bud orgasms food brought me. Fortunately, I am feeling quite secure here on the tailgate. Though the nostalgia is strong I don’t have any desire to jump off again. My belly literally aches at just the thought of it.

So what did I do today?

Breakfast was half of a Sara Lee raisin cinnamon bagel toasted with 2 tbsp’s of Philadelphia whipped cream cheese. Lunch was subway, a six inch veggie delite on whole wheat with pepper jack cheese, honey mustard dressing, vinegar and all the veggies including the yummylicious banana peppers. The only thing it was missing was avocado as Washington has something against avocados or something. In California you can get avocado at ANY subway at ANY time of the year. But oh no! Not here. Damn Washington. Along with my sandwich I had a bag of baked ruffles, the skin off my kiddos apple slices and a diet coke. At home I didn’t snack. For dinner I had 9oz of grilled tri-tip, 1.5 cups of mashed potatoes, and a half cup of cooked carrots. For dessert I had 2 squares from a special dark chocolate Hershey bar and then a little bit later I shared an applesauce cup with Breezy.

Anyway, I am pretty impressed if I do say so myself with it being my first day back on track. I’m also surprised I was only negative 9 in sugar. Normally I am waaaaaaay over the top. Like more than 50 grams over the top. While fat and protein are very rarely ever completely used, yet today they too were in the negative. I suppose I just had a really good/full day. I stayed under my allotted calories though! Yay!

Okay, so a question for all you calorie/point counters. Bitch cakes wrote a post recently about how even if a food is good for you (i.e.: veggies) or has 0 points (i.e.: veggies, gum, diet soda etc) that there are still calories involved. Even when something says it is 0 calories, it is only 0 calories for 1 serving. Eventually if you eat enough of whatever it is it will start to add up to something. Okay, it totally sounded better when she described it. In any case, my question is this:

I chew sugarless gum a lot throughout the day. Like I could go through half a pack in 1 day. I also use crystal light packets to flavor my water because I’ll admit that I HATE – DETEST – ABHOR the taste of plain water, especially if it is tap. The gum pack says it is 5 calories per piece and if I chew 10 pieces a day that is technically 50 calories. My crystal light packets say that for a serving size (8 fl. Oz.) it is approximately 5 calories. Well if I drink an entire packet, which is 8 servings of 8 fl. Oz that is technically 40 more calories. Would you add this into myfitnesspal? Do you think it has any true bearing on my weight loss effort? If I am constantly going 90 calories over my daily allotment do you think this will affect my efforts in the long run? Thanks in advance for your answers.

And I shall leave you with THIS because THIS is what I am leaving you to go watch.

I COULD JUST EAT HIM UP!!! I don’t care how many calories or points he’d be!

XO Kristen


  1. Oh, girl--I totally agree. That is one fine looking man. I love his show, White Collar. You do know he "bats for the other team," though, don't you? I don't care, though. I just like to look at him.

    And good for you for chasing down your wagon. Mine got away from me recently, too, but I am now firmly back aboard. As the old Japanese proverb goes: "Fall down seven times, get up eight!" We can only try again or give up. And I'm all about trying again!

  2. Are we starting a "sexy man of the day" end-of-post? :)

  3. Im with you I hate the taste of plain water and what I have found that I love is True Lemon
    http://www.truelemon.com/ it is crystallized lemon (also comes in orange and lime)they have zero calories (and everything else) has 25% of your daily vitamin C and are made from real lemons and you can use it not only in your drinks but on food as well I have used this stuff for years cuz buying fresh lemons was getting to $$$ and the plastic lemons are gross so i say try it

  4. I don't even know who that guy is...I don't watch tv. but enjoy. lol.

  5. The only thing I would say regarding counting the calorie free stuff is, track everything. It is so tempting to not count this, or not count that, but the important thing is to track it all. A friend of mine recently noted that she couldn't figure out why she wasn't losing on her plan until she realized that she needed to stop "helping" her kids finish up. By breaking that bad habit she has lost four pounds in two weeks. It took her a while to realize it, but a bite here and there adds up. If you track your veggies, which have more nutrition for sometimes similar calorie values, then certainly count your "free-bees" though a friend of mine uses an off-brand crystal light which has 0 calories and you might try to find those alternatives. At that point I wouldn't bother since it would be two packs per single calorie. Just my two cents on it...

  6. Alright! I jumped back on my wagon today too. Yay us!

  7. LOL! That's a lot of gum. Did you used to be a smoker? Now I really want some gum.


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