Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I want to say first that despite what some may think, I truly am grateful for everyone's opinions even when I don't necessarily like them or agree with them. But as I said to a friend via text earlier tonight, you'd think with all the controversy about my change in calorie intake that I had announced I was willingly breaking the 11th commandment.


The irritable side of me who is seriously craving sugar right now and who acts really immature a lot of the time wants to stick my tongue out and say 'I will if I want to, and just to prove you wrong, I'll succeed.'

However, my adult (more) mature side (the one I try to keep in control 99% of the time) knows that 1000 calories is a very small amount of calories to consume for any length of time. Like I said, I don't intend to make this my PLAN. (Granted I know I said UNLESS it is working for me) and yes, it is indeed working very well for me at the moment. I feel good. Better than I have in a few months actually. I feel filled but not full. I feel satisfied and not guilty. I feel better about myself and my choices. Maybe it will last. Maybe it won't. Maybe you don't agree with those choices I've made. That's okay. That is why you lead your life and I lead mine. Even if my choice is wrong, that is for me to learn and experience. I'm sure if I suddenly decided to go vegetarian or vegan or pescetarian that someone would have something negative to say about that too. (For the record, I could never not eat meat) The point is that this was my decision and I like my decision. If you don't than you have two choices. Continue reading to see how I succeed or fail and fall flat on my face OR stop reading. No one is has shackled you here.

That being said I will confess something. I chose to try out the 1000 calorie a day thing for one sole reason.

Wanna know the reason?
Well, too bad. I'm gonna tell you anyway. Haha

You see, I am the kind of person that is given a goal and I like to go far beyond the expectations of that goal. I am the kind of person that is given a limit and I also like to push those limits to see just how far I can go. (as you can imagine I was a horrible child) I am rebellious by nature and have an extremely hard time not arguing a point when I disagree with something (or even sometimes just for fun - yes I admitted that) So, now that you know my nature, I decided to play a little psychological trick on myself. I'm not sure why it's working but it is.

Hypothetically I give myself 1660 calories a day. (That is how many calories myfitnesspal.com gives me to lose approximately 2 lbs a week) Naturally, I will either hit that calorie limit or go over it just because of my rebellious nature. That isn't taking into account any emotional or bored eating I am doing not to mention any binges.

Now, say I give myself 1000 calorie limit. I WILL NOT EAT MORE THAN 1000 calories. (Has the light bulb popped up over your head yet? Do you see where I'm going with this?) Anyway, if I give myself a 1000 calorie a day limit than if I happen to stay under 1000 calories - that's ok. That's awesome. I did it! However, it is more likely than not that I will push the 1000 calorie limit (like today) and even go over it (like today) and that will be OKAY! Because I ended today having eaten 1277 calories.  (Yes, I ate more than I had anticipated because my Lean Cuisine was disgusting so I replaced half of it with Fiber Plus Bar) Still 1277 calories is NOTHING TO SNEEZE AT when before you were struggling to stay around 1600.

So, this is my new PLAN:

TRY to eat under 1000 calories so I will actually end up in a good range of calories. Okay? Is this more palatable? Less unnerving? Do you all feel better about my choices now? FYI- Said choices are subject to change at any given time and without notice.

Are We All Smiles Now?
Now, today is Tuesday. What does this mean? It means White Collar is on. Yep. The show I never miss. The show I never watch without a snack. I will not have a snack tonight. I plan to chew on my nails while I watch the divine beauty of this man.

And try desperately hard to forget about this:



And lastly, thank you to everyone who participated in the Salad Challenge. They were all very good, then again I LOOOVE salad. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner of the Pink Mini Elliptical in September.

XO Kristen


  1. too funny...well, it's like saying you can half a donut and end up eating one....stops you from eating two.
    good idea, what ever works for you.

  2. slinks off silently as she thinks under 1000 is never a good idea yet lives the NONJUDGMENTAL life :)


  3. Good post! I think no matter what someone chooses to do to lose weight, there's always going to be someone to give their negative input. Apparently, we all need to learn how to exhale and have the fat dissolve. By the way, if you figure out how to do that, please pass your knowledge to me. Thanks!

  4. It really is mostly a mental game with us. We have to trick our minds sometimes in order to lose weight since it's our minds that cause the psycological and emotional eating in the first place!

    I don't know how much time you actually get to sit down and eat considering how those babies run you around, but I ran across someone who times his bites ... he takes one full minute between bites; he takes his time to chew each bite and using a timer, waits until the full minute is past before taking another bite ... and he's losing weight without giving up any foods.

    Again, I don't know if you'd be able to do it with the girls but even having 30 seconds between bites will cause you to feel full faster so you eat less. I tried it for one day (with 30 seconds between bites) and it worked. Then shit happened with my brother and I went back to my old habits.

  5. I think you have a fantastic plan! You know your body and what you need and if anything you are switching it up and confusing your body. Our bodies love confusion and it just kick starts your metabolism especially if you are doing the same thing for an extended period of time. I think the fact that you are in control is what is the most important and where I strive to be someday. Good for you!

  6. Well I think you made a great point the other day when you were telling us about the plan you mentioned that you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, other than chasing the kids. That makes a huge difference. If you were chasing the kids, working out for an hour a day, and then only eating 1000 calories then I might gasp--but ONLY because if it were me I'd be starving to death.

    This is your road--you plan which routes to take. If it works, super! If not--onward and upward I say.

  7. I do the same. SAY I'm gonna get 1200, but always eat around 1400.

    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog last week, it was really sweet of you, and it helped me feel a bit better. :)

  8. It is like setting your alarm clock half an hour earlier than you need to get up so that you can whack the snooze half a dozen times you you think that you got extra sleep and get out of bed happy and more refreshed than if you just slept right through to the time you were supposed to get up.

    Look, I happen to think that we all need to do what feel right for us, at the time. As long as you aren't making yourself ill and you aren't hurting anyone else, you get no lecture from me. Let me hear that you are feeling fain, getting a ringing in your ears or feeling weak, then I will start bitching at you. Mmmmkay?


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