Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am super frickin' wicked pissed right now.

This morning I went to Shari's restaurant with my grandma for breakfast. I ordered eggs benedict with hashbrowns. I ordered the muffin with no butter and the eggs with no yolks.

I calculated that the breakfast would be approximately 700 calories total, including coffee with cream.

How did I come to this conclusion?

I A.S.S. U. M.E. D

I assumed that all hashbrowns are created equal. You see every Monday I eat 6 egg-whites and a side of hashbrowns at IHOP with salsa. The portion of hashbrowns at IHOP is 225 calories. I ASSSUMED it would be similar at Sharis.


After researching the calories on I was appalled that they would be so off. 730 calories for hashbrowns?!?!?! I DON'T THINK SO, TIM!

So, I put it in as hashbrowns from IHOP and promised myself I would re-research the actual calories at home.

I did this just now on the official Shari's nutritional page and guess what? GUESS FLIPPIN WHAT?
A portion of Shari's hashbrowns are 730 calories!!! WHAT THE FLIPPIN HECK?!?!?!

Aren't they just potatoes in oil or butter? What? Do they cook them in extra super fatty lard??? JEEZ-O-LEEZ!!

So now instead of 700 calories left for the day, I have 200 and I am starting to get hungry. It's only 3. 2 or 3 more hours till dinner, but that serves me right. I should have researched first and not assumed.

I am now officially titling myself an ass. UGH!

I also promised myself that if I made mistakes like this I would just suffer through and not eat over even if I got hungry, so push through the hunger, I shall. Hmmmf.


**They weren't even that good. IHOP's are much better. The Fat Chick


  1. Holy.crap. Those are some fat-tastic hashbrowns. What the crap? They must like drown them in lard.

    I've done that before though. Boo!

  2. That can't possibly be right. A tablespoon of butter and one medium potato are roughly 100 calories each. You'd have to have four potatos cooked in three tablespoons of butter to get to 700 calories, and it would be dinner plate size and dripping in butter. A serving of hashbrowns about the size of your two fists (and as about as high as the depth of your hand) shouldn't be more than 350 calories at the most. Maybe the serving size on their website is something weird -- you know, how Haagen Dazs looks kind of low cal(ish) until you remember that they've stuffed four 400 calorie servings into one container?

  3. Wow, that is a lot. But the main purpose of my comment is to say that I burst out in hysterical laughter at the "Me So Hungry" picture with the Hungry Hungry Hippo on it.

  4. I agree except except as a desperate measure I called them and asked them if a side of hashbrowns in the same size as the portion that comes with a meal. (the side is what is listed as 730 cals) they said all servings of their hashbrowns are 7oz. That was their answer. I asked them how they cooked their hasbrowns and your know what she said. She said we cook them to order. What the flip does that mean?? Anyway I am being on the safe side and just forgoing extra calories today. Tomorrow I am sure I will make up for it. CLARK COUNTY FAIR! CilleyGirl, I know your in PDX but do you go to the fair over here?

  5. Oh man! I've had a few of those moments. When I'm like "oh this can't be so bad!" Then MFP kicks me down a million pegs and reality sets in. I feel your pain!

  6. crap! um,,,,great hunger abater...chicken broth...loads of it and wilt a bag of spinach in 40 cals....also two eggs and half a piece of toast is like 190 cals. that will or would fill you up. so try those two..I may put you over by 30 cals. but you WILL NOT be hungry. Heck the soup may do it.

  7. Eff those effin hashbrowns! This is why I'm crazy about eating out. It's crazy how many calories how food's prepared add. I often think I'm getting the right thing only to learned it's baptized in butter before being grilled! At least you're learning. That's the important part!

  8. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I love your blog! Stupid effin' hasbrowns....grrr!

  9. Awwwww...hashbrowns...they are so SNEAKY! :(

  10. How many calories do you stick to?

  11. My goal is to stay between 1200-1500 but some days I allow myself to get as high as 1790 which equals the amount of calories (points) that weight watchers would recommend. :)

  12. New reader, love the layout. How in the world did they get all of that into hash browns and then be okay with serving it to people? I'm hurt for you on this one, it's like they robbed you! I'm with Crys, I kind of hate eating out because you don't have much control over how it's prepared.


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