Sunday, August 1, 2010


Even though today was not an official weigh in Friday I did so anyway and was so happy to see the number on the scale. 274. It is a confirmation that what I am doing works.

For those who do not know my journey, I started this 7 months ago at 325lbs. 2 months ago I went on some kind of mind bending, body numbing binge fest. Yes, a bingefest that lasted 2 months. Crazy I know. But I can admit it for what it was. Now, I have been back on track for going on a full week. I feel good. The scale that topped out at 289 at my highest during my 2 months binge stint has dropped down to my lowest low on this journey two months back of 274. Yes, the last beautiful number in a string of continuous weight loss I saw 2 months ago was 274, and today I saw it again. I am aiming for 273 or 272 by Friday. I think I can do that and then 260's here I come!

I did my measurements today in celebration of that loss and was amazed to see I had lost a total of 12 inches overall in a 4 week time span. (Mind you, the first 3 weeks after measurements were half assed attempts to jump back on the wagon - so 12 inches was fantastic considering!) For a full explanation of my measurements you can scroll to the bottom of my blog where you can also see my monthly progress photos.

And speaking of photos, I actually did August photos on time!

So without further adieu. Here they are. My comparison shots from when I started and now, 7 months later and (unofficially 51lbs down)!

Re: These face shots, my sister was kind enough to point out to me the color difference.
Her exact words, "You looked like death warmed over," - Yeah, thanks SW! (you do remember what that stands for right?)

And re: these side shots. My mom's comment was: "You were not the bumble bee you pretended to be," - I had to ask her if looking at this photo seriously made her think of a bumble bee. She didn't answer. Hrmm.

In other news, people have been asking for updates on my mom. She seems to be recovering nicely. We still don't know what happened. Perhaps an anxiety attack? She hasn't complained of chest pains/tightness in a few days (although knowing her, that means nothing) but she seems to be acting her normal self and doing her normal stuff. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes I received!

We had a bit of a scare today, thinking that Breezy might have the Chicken pox. Turns out she does not, just a mild skin rash but from what we aren't sure. She turns 1 the day after tomorrow and I just can't believe how time has passed. I feel like just yesterday I was couch ridden and couldn't feel my ankles because they were so tight from water retention. Then it seems like just yesterday I was sitting on that operating table as the (freak) anesthesiologist used 25 (YES TWENTY FIVE!) different needles trying to place my spinal. Then when she was a little more than 3 months old we moved away from a horrific life into the one we live and love now and it has all just passed SOOOO FAST. (Any mom knows what I'm talking about) So, we will be celebrating on Tuesday with dinner and gifts with our immediate family and then on Sunday we're going to the zoo (Buzzy and Breezy both LOVE the zoo) and then we'll come home for presents and our traditional 1 year old cake smash. (You know, where you give the one year old an entire *little* cake and let them attack it - quite fun)

This is also the final week weigh in for the first month of the Mommy and Me Challenge. If I have lost more weight I will earn my weights worth in babysitting hours from my mom and if she has lost more weight than me, she will earn her weights worth in MULAH! DINERO! BUCKS BABY! LOL So here's to losing a buttload (literally) by our Tuesday morning weigh in.

And lastly, Salad? Salad? Did I hear the word SALAD?!?! The recipes have slowed down again. Remember you can enter AS MANY RECIPES AS YOU WANT in order to be eligible to win my MINI ELLIPTICAL and THE MORE SALAD YOU ENTER, THE MORE LIKELY I'LL LOVE ONE OF THEM AND CHOOSE YOU! SO ENTER, ENTER, ENTER. For rules and information regarding my Salad Challenge click HERE. OR HERE OR HERE OR HERE. <--OOPS, DIDN'T LINK THAT ONE.

Now it's time to say goodbye, to all our *MY*company . . .
M.I.C - C you real soon
K.E.Y - Y because we *I* like you

I really miss the old Mickey Mouse Club from the late 80's and early 90's.

I will leave you on that tangent.

The Fat Chick


  1. laughing.
    I love your tangents :)
    and can totally see the difference in the photos above.

    (and not the death warmed over piece either. its been ages since ive heard that expression!)

    off to rock my monday.
    join me?


  2. A picture's worth a thousand words! Well done! :)

  3. Those are awesome pictures! You are doing amazing! I hope you win the competition with your mom :P Free time off would be good!


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