Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Day 2 of 1000 cals or under and I feel awesome!

Yesterday I ended with a total intake of 894 cals.

Today I will end closer to 1000 & possibly go over by about 100 because I was physically hungry (totally new concept) and ate a banana before lunch.

Breakfast: cinnamon raisin bagel + 2 tbsp cream cheese = 330

Mid morning snack - banana = 100

Lunch will be a lean cuisine panini = 310 cals

Dinner will be LC parmesean crusted fish & noodles = 290 cals

For an estimated total of 1030 cals + my 2.2 liters of crystal light for a grand total of 1070.

Add in my vigorous 20 minute dance workout I did and my net calorie intake is more like 879.

Oh hell yeah!

In answer to a comment left on my previous post I have no intention of making this my PLAN unless it really works for me. So far it is and if it continues to be as easy as the first 2 days have been there is no reason why I shouldn't use this weight loss tool to achieve my success. Then when it comes time to maintain I will find the correct tools to help me with that.

The most wonderful blogger at Escape from Obesity wrote a post a while back about tools for weight loss but I'm on my phone not my computer so I'll have to look it up and ask permission to repost it because it was pure genious.

In answer to the question about what I'm eating: I am successfully eating a breakfast that consists of one of the following:

- raisin cinnamon bagel w/ whipped cream cheese

- 1 krusteaz home made muffins out of a box

- 6-8 egg whites with salsa (super filling and my favorite of all the options but I usually only do it 1-2 times awake because then we run out of eggs)

- 1 cup of chex/cheerios w/ splenda and 1 cup coconut milk
(I tried almond milk and though I LOVE almonds I DID NOT like the milk. So I tried coconut milk instead and it is much more palatable)

- 1 package instant oatmeal + banana

For lunch and dinner I have a lean cuisine/ smart ones/ healthy choice meal

And that is it. I'm not much interested in cooking these days except for my girls so while I may bake some spaghetti squash or sweet potaoes and grill up some chicken/ steak/fish for them I'm not interested in weighing food and fussing over calories of condiments like cooking oil etc. So I cook healthy for them and eat my box meals because they taste good, are already premeasured and I know their approximate calorie content.

BTW I have found thus far that the feeling of hunger is much more pleasant than the feeling of being overly stuffed. As a matter of fact I am marveling at the sound of my stomach growling right now. It's almost as fascinating as when I was pregnant for the first time and would sit and marvel at the sensation of Buzzy nudging in there.

Kinda surreal cosidering I don't remember the last time I heard my stomach growl at me.

And now I am done babbling (for the moment)

XO Kristen

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  1. I am no nutritional expert but 1,000 calories is not enough for you. I can understand if you are trying to "jump start" or "cleanse" but it is not a sustainable amount of calories.

  2. It doesn't seem like you are getting enough of your basic nutients in daily. lean proteins - 2 a day, vegetables and fruits - 5 a day, dairy 3 a day. Consider your sodium intake, and water retention, with all those pre-made meals. Just 1200 seems a little more healthier to me from all the guidance I had had over the years. Dipping under that for a length of time is putting the body is starvation mode. Just sayin'.

  3. I tend to agree with the above comments Kristen. Just be careful and make sure you're getting what you need, as you have those gorgeous little children to look after. Have you ever tried sparkpeople.com ? If you enter your food intake there, they tell you if you've reached your daily nutritional requirements. Even if you only do it for a week or so - as guidance. Good luck with it.

  4. Kristen- Just listen to your body. You will know if you need more calories or not. Yes you should be able to eat more and still lose weight but everyone is different. I can pretty much only lose weight eating low carb. I did go to make doctor and discovered that my thyroid was messed up so hopefully that will help, but I have used the calculators that say I should be able to eat 2400 calories a day and still lose weight but it just doesnt work for me. Try it out and see what works for you. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  5. I really want to give you a positive comment (especially since this is my first comment on your blog) but you're encroaching on dangerous territory and a binge is just around the corner.

    Please go up to 1500. Pretty please from a stranger?

  6. I suspect you are deficient in protein. You may want to do a nutrition tracking of this plan, day by day, at a free site like SparkPeople.com, and see just what you are lacking in terms of iron, zinc, folate, protein, fiber, etc.

    At minimum, take a multivitamin and maybe add some protein shakes to your breakfast and snack (some, like Solgar Whey are very low cal for the protein punch). If you don't get enough protein, your body will eat its own muscle to get what it needs and you will end up with a owered metabolism.

    If you really wanna do very low cal, consider something high protein like Medifast or WonderSlim--or your own homemade variation that includes high protein, lean foods-- cause at least those foods are enhanced with vitamins, minerals and protein to spare your own body's muscle mass from damage.

    You are, naturally, free to eat as you wish. But I don't believe you WANT to deny yourself good nutrition, right? Being nutrition-deficient could easily just be a way of setting yourself up for some deficiencies that could be health-damaging and, long-term, derail your good intentions for weight loss and health. So, at least, track and see where you have nutritional holes.

    And maybe make stronger choices within your chosen caloric limit--more produce, high fiber bagel with a protein (low fat cheese, peanut butter, deli meat, soy spread). Cream cheese is pretty non-nutritive. Optimize where you can. Instead of a banana, maybe half a banana and some string cheese or nuts and some berries (maximize colors). I will never say don't feel your instincts about what you can and want to do--but do it as wisely and carefully as possible.

    Starvation diets tend to fail magnificently--with thinning hair and eating disorders not far behind....

  7. Myfitnesspal.com suggests a daily intake of 69grams of protein. I never eat less than 60, so I am pretty sure I am not protein deficient. Thank you for the information though. Quite insightful.


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