Friday, August 27, 2010


Today has been a struggle but thus far a successful struggle.

Breakfast was a cinnamon raisin bagel with 4 tbsps whipped cream cheese for a total of 330 cals

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine - sun dried tomato basil and chicken flat bread for a total of 360 cals

I've snacked a bit throughout the day in order to keep me from binging.

Snacks have included

10 mini pretzels - 50 cals
3 special dark chocolate squares - 108 cals
1/2 sandwich thin with less than 2tbsp of peanut butter and 1 tbsp honey - for a total of 304 calories (so I guess this was more like a meal than a snack)

Dinner will be Costco meat lasagna (one portion) and salad (I think)

For a total of either 1497 total calories consumed or around 1660 calories consumed (depending on if there is salad)

I will admit though that it was a struggle not to eat more pretzels.

It was a struggle not to eat the whole special dark KING SIZE candy bar

and it WILL BE a struggle not to have seconds tonight


I was pleasantly pleased with the response regarding this photo I posted and the subsequent question about which girl you would prefer to resemble (body wise)

The resounding answer was that the curvier girl (third girl) was more appealing to look at as well as more healthy looking (taken from e-mails/comments)

Apparently if you go HERE <-- this was going to be a link but apparently between last night and today the article is no longer available - figure ---> (which is where I lifted the photo -lol) you will see that a recent study shows that men ALSO chose the second and third girl in a very close % as most attractive and desirable.

Yay! No more days of TWIGGY! Boobs and butt and hips and small waists are in!! Thank God!!

If you don't know who Twiggy is she is the model who started the skinny-fad.

I'm sorry but this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ is just wrong

It doesn't look healthy or attractive at all (in my opinion) No boobs, no butt, and if you see her when she's standing no waist or any sign of muscle.

!! NOTICE !!
I weighed - took measurements - noted my pants/shirt/dress size and wrote it all down today
I will now be weighing - taking measurements - noting pant/shirt/dress sizes
every month until Dec
On January 1st (1 year from when I began this journey) I will do the semi-final
weigh - measurements - pant/shirt/dress size
Semi final because obviously I will not be at goal but I will be closer
((deep breath))
I will find the courage and the willpower and the desire to do this
I will do this
And now I will go struggle with dinner
and remind myself that I do not live to eat - I eat to live
Food does not control me - I control food
and I will attempt to listen to my body (as quiet as it may talk) and stop when I'm comfortable
PS: August 31st is the last day to submit salad recipes. So submit em!
Later bloggies
XO Kristen


  1. I've always loved the saying 'I do not live to eat - I eat to live'. I have to remind myself of that all the time.

  2. This post is great, You are doing great, keep it up. I unfortunatly had an 1800 calorie stumble last night. But I persevere.


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