Saturday, August 7, 2010


Nom nom nom! Breezy has become obsessed with graduates puffs!

I didn't do so hot on food yesterday at the fair. I mean I could have thought ahead and packed food but I'll admit, I wasn't willing to give the food experience up.
In hind sight, nothing I ate was really that good. The free pancake breakfast was ok. The sausage it was served with were nothing to be desired. For lunch I ordered a burger and fries and while the burger WAS worth it, the fries were tasteless limp strands of grease. Thank god I gave up after eating 2. Fries that is, not orders of... Lol.
In addition I had a popcicle and later a waffle cone with chocolate ice cream. I also had a handful of kettle corn.
In my defense (not that I really need one) I did walk (albeit slowly) for 4 hours straight. So I'm sure I burned some calories.
Now I'm back to the grindstone.

And here I am with my grande nonfat mocha mmmm mmmm mmmm! Not sure if it's 170 or 220 cals but either way it fits! My shirt on the other hand, does not. As you can see in the photo the neck is quite large. It's my mens big and tall 4x that I used to wear for clothes but now wear as a night gown lol!

Now here is a photo of my arm and bat wing! Why am I showing you this? Because somehow between January and now I managed to build some semblance of muscle in there. Where before fat hung lonely in it's nasty bulgyness now you can clearly see my thin arm lurking beneath! Holy crap! I didn't know I had thin arms under all that fat!!

I think I actually have potential for some good looking guns!

And I will leave you with a photo of my Dora baby (everyone and their mother tells me Buzzy looks JUST like Dora) and her fair cousin L on the train at the fair! Fun times!

That's all for now folks!

The Fat Chick

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  1. Hey girlie! I don't think I will be able to give up the "fair food" either. I absolutely LOVE that greasy nasty stuff! HA! Glad you had a good time and a great burger. You look great! :) And I must say, I am totally jealous of your Starbucks. I haven't had it in ages.


  2. I just wanted to say a big congrats on your success so far. Way to go!!! Your Dora baby is beautiful. Come visit me one day -

  3. you will have those guns someday !

  4. I like to think of the weight loss as more of a "lifestyle" change. If you don't indulge every once and a while, very bad things can happen :P Nice arm muscle!


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