Monday, August 30, 2010


Allan from Almost Gastric Bypass has unknowingly and unintentionally (I think) dared me to try a diet of 1000 calories per day or less. I'm not eating on HIS plan because I will be eating my Lean Cuisines but I am challenging myself to a minimum of a week of 1000 calorie or less days.

Why am I doing this? Well, because I am a pretty sedentary person and I find that when I eat I rarely eat for hunger. So, I am going to see what it is like to BE HUNGRY. In addition to this I think it is a great way to lose some weight. Less calories in and more or less sedentary life style (except for running after small child-like monsters) and I think it'll work.

Today has worked out very well so far.

6 egg whites + salsa + 2 cups of coffee w/ cream for breakfast = 240 calories

Lunch was a Lean Cuisine santa fe style rice and beans = 300 calories

Dinner will be a Lean Cuisine sweet and sour chicken with rice = 300 calories

For a daily total of 840 calories + my 2.2 Liter jug of crystal light

Essentially 880 calories


((big smile))

The best part is that the simplicity of not being able to eat ANYTHING other than my breakfast + 2 lean cuisines makes things incredibly easy.

I do however have a mild headache but I think that is sugar withdrawal.

On another note, I took the leap and will be starting Zumba classes on September 21st. I would have liked to start earlier but that is when the next group of sessions start. So yay!!

I'm excited.

I'm actually REALLY excited. This is the most motivated I have felt since my initial beginning of this journey in January!

Let's watch the poundage melt!

XO Kristen


  1. What a great idea to challenge yourself by trying to figure out what hungry actually feels like, and maybe learning that you can eat lots less and not feel hungry. Glad to hear you are feeling so positive!

  2. I think 1000 calories is WAY to low. I average about 1200 and I weigh 160lbs and Im still losing 2 lbs on average a week (down 42lbs total). I think you are setting yourself up for one major binge.

  3. TY Christina, I respect your opinion and I disagree.

  4. I've done 1000 calories or less before (When I was a lot heftier than I am now)..although a lot of sources will say "NO DON'T DO IT" I was successful when I DID it. Your post has me thinking "um, duh, why not try that again". By most websites, I'm supposed to eat over 2000 calories to lose weight...and sometimes, I feel like I'm stuffing myself to do that...

    I'll have to count up all I've eaten today and see how far off I am from that 1000 mark. I may join you on this "self challenge"..

    Good job signing up for Zumba. I'm waaaay too self conscious and shy and klutzy..and fill in the blank CHICKEN to do that. Maybe I'll start with some at home to get my courage up. I've always wanted to do it. I hope it's a blast for you!!!!

  5. I think it'll give you a great boost. Can't wait to see the results.

    I have a massive headache today and I'm coming off a week-long now that you mention a headache because of sugar withdrawal, I totally think that might be my problem. Never thought about that.

  6. love the excitement.
    for me that was 90.2342384398% of the battle/journey right there.

  7. Kristen - thanks for the LOVELY post on my blog. I wasnt trying to be negative, just saying I personally would be concerned. When you have a history of serious binges - doing something drastic the other direction could end badly. I have been there, done that. Any time I did something drastic it backfired and I added an additional 20lbs.

  8. I actually agree with Christina. I think this is a dangerous and slippery slope to go down. Your body needs more calories than that to function. Sure, you'll lose weight, but what's the repercussions when you go back to eating healthy again?

    Maybe you're only planning on doing this experiment for X amount of days to get a "feel of what hungry feels like", which is different than making this your actual PLAN to lose weight. That didn't come across in your post though.

  9. I am SURE the pounds are going to be melting off like ice cubes on a hot summer day! Keep it up!

  10. Personally, (and this is only personally), the less active the less cal intake. I breastfed at 1200 cal so my cal intake was 700... It was the best ever! I am more active now... and no longer breastfeeding and my cal are about 1500, not cool! I dont burn that much! so I am not losing... I feel that its your body and if you felt great that's where you should be... -- good luck!!!

  11. What a great challange! Good Luck and I look forward to reading what you eat daily to make this happen (and steal ideas too!)

  12. I'm curious to see how it works for you...I'm not opposed to anything because everyone's body type is different. Good luck!

  13. D'oh I shouldve read this entry too--congrats on signing up for that class!!!!


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