Sunday, August 29, 2010



Apparently my body has been giving me signs that my period was coming, only I didn't know they were signs because I have never had any kind of PMS in my ENTIRE LIFE!

My period started today which is a huge relief, ONLY because I couldn't explain this bloated, crampy, craving feeling I have had for the last week. Unexplainable cravings that made no sense. (almost like I was pregnant again) and I have felt HUGELY bloated, and not just sodium bloated. Like uncomfy in my skin, my stomach protruding further than normal making uncomfy indentations from my pants and underwear. I had first associated it to a bit of a weight gain from my ever fluctuating diet but today everything finally rings clear.

It was all PMS. The crampy, bloaty, headachy-ness of it all WAS JUST PMS.

Quite a revelation for me. (Considering, like I said I have never had PMS)

I feel better though.

Now the new cramps I am experiencing is another story.

I have not experienced cramps in over 3 years since my miscarriage, and today even with just light flow my uterus feels as though someone is throttling it. ((sigh))

Must I revert to my teenage years where I would lie curled in a fetal position because I could only barely bear the cramps? Oh Joy!! Grrr . . .

On another note, I saw EAT. PRAY. LOVE with Julia Roberts yesterday and it was a fantastic movie. For anyone out there who loves or dreams of traveling and anyone who is in desperate need of FINDING THEIR WORD (you'll understand if you see the movie) or basically your purpose in life and your reason for existing than this movie may be for you.

And this is where I shall go. Breakfast is calling me and my girls. MMM Raisin Cinnamon bagel with cream cheese. HERE I COME!

XO Kristen


  1. ah, this is what happens when you stop stuffing it down with food...I 'just' got pms as well in the last 6 months...oh the joy, right?

  2. No Fair! I have had PMS fat and less fat. Sorry you are in the throws!

    It will be over before you know it.


  3. I've noticed that as I get older (I'm 32 now) that my pms gets worse. I used to never have it either and then bam, it started and it sucks. My birth control ( I use the implant implanon) usually keeps it at bay, but now that it is getting closer to the time to replace the implant the pms has started up again. Sorry, it really sucks, but at least it won't last too long :)

  4. Well you had some awesome years without PMS anyway. You're lucky. I always get PMS. My fingers swell and usually the day before the littlest things upset me and make me want to cry. It's super fun.

    I'm glad Eat, Pray, Love is a good movie. I can't wait to see it.


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