Sunday, September 19, 2010


I am a big fan of even numbers. 2, 4, 6, 8 - all the way to infinity. The only odd number I like is 13 and that happens to be because it is my birthday. October 13th. But you see my life revolves around even numbers. My mom was 16 when she had me. I was born in the 10th month, in 1984. My mom married when I was 6. My mom had my first sister when I was 8. I have 4 siblings. 2 girls. 2 boys. I have 2 children, who were born 14 months apart. (Sadly they were both born on odd days - the 3rd and the 9th - no worries, I'll get over it) I graduated high school on June (the 6th month) 14th, 2002, got married on 16th day of November in 2006 (Maybe if I had been married in an even month my marriage would have worked - lol j/k - I'm not that superstitious) That said, as a person who prefers even numbers I am sure you can imagine I like balance. When decorating, what goes on one side must go on the other also. One side of something cannot be bigger, shorter, longer, thinner, fatter than the other side (if there is another side). I suppose you could say I am mildly neurotic and borderline ocd.

So, now that you know a little about that, I am brought to the title of this post. 14 weeks left. 14 weeks left until my 1 year anniversary of this journey. 14 weeks left to lose 28 more pounds. Why 28? Well, because if every week I tell myself I will lose 2lbs than that would equal 28. Which would bring me to the nice round number of 244lbs. The problem is in the weight lost. This is where the It's Driving Me Crazy part comes in. On January 1st, when I announce what I have lost in 1 year I obviously want it to be an even number. (Honestly, in my logical mind I know whether it is an odd or even number doesn't matter - but my neurotic side really wants it to be even) So when you subtract 244 from 325 (a truly ugly odd number - and the number I started out with on this journey) you get 81lbs lost. Um . . . not 80. Not 82. 81. For some reason this is just bugging the HELL outta me.

And now you're thinking, 'Dude she has lost her marbles. She's no longer worried about losing weight but whether she has lost an even number or not?!?!' Believe me, I understand how insane I must sound or come off. Regardless, 81 is not a tight round pretty little number. So, one week I will have to lose either 1 or 3lbs to offset that. (Or more should the scale dictate so)

I did well today, ending with a total of 1395 calories consumed. Not bad. Not bad at all. (Not an even number either - lol) suggests that if I keep my calories exactly like today I should way 259lbs (okay now that I have a self admitted problem with even numbers the odd ones just keep poppin up everywhere) in 5 weeks. (seee?!?!?!?) That'd be nice. I'd like to get into the 260's first though.

Day after tomorrow is Zumba! Hellz to the yeah! So excited!

And now I am off to write, or at least contemplate my plot because it's been-a-brewing again. I think it's almost time to open Microsoft Word, open my manuscript template and begin that new manuscript that keeps attacking my thoughts an dreams and waking hours randomly. Here's to an open flow of creativity.

PS - if no one else understands my insanity I know my lil sis will. She feels the same way about even numbers as I do. (I'm not alone) *Insert Twilight Zone music*

K, I better get outta here before ya'll have me admitted.

XO Kristen


  1. I have a friend who is the same way, except with odd numbers. LOL.

  2. Thirteen is my favorite number, why? Bakers dozen of course :-)

    Ok, so now I shall have twilight zine music in my head for the day; could be worse.

    Nice Blog!

  3. Good luck with the writing. Do you count the number of words as well? Even number of pages as a goal per day? Just wondering...

  4. You are not alone. I used to count my steps and if it was an odd number, I would take one more step. I like to eat candy in even numbers. My Love gets to eat the odd one :) I am definitely an even number loving girl :)

  5. Left you something on my blog :) @


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