Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay, first thing's first:

My book - I have received a few questions about it so here is where you will find your answers. They are in no particular order because I kind of pulled them out of my e-mail and comments randomly so here they are.

What is the name of your book - My first book is called Evanescent and the second book has a working title of Magia (pronounced maw-he-uh - the Spanish word for Magic) and they belong to the Shield Series

What is your book about - Well, without giving away too much detail and to protect from plagiarism I will just give you my query letter that I send to agents. It is basically the back jacket flap of the book. Just FYI I have REDACTED some information which should have no effect on your understanding of the plot.

The heiress to the ruling throne of the supernatural world is trapped in a human body and is summonsed by the powers of her soul mate, her Alpha, to join him in their rightful place.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple for Brinn Kiernan, who unaware of her true potential is the epitome of a human; weak, fragile, sick. She has an undiagnosed illness; spontaneous shocks, sensations of burning and freezing and above everything else, she does not believe in the supernatural. That is, until her illness takes her one thousand miles away from home to the small, quirky town of Battle Ground, Washington to attend High School with her estranged, identical twin looking for answers. When she meets her sister, Olivia, who is too perfect to be human, and a vast array of other creatures lurking under the guise of mortality she quickly realizes that her symptoms reach far beyond the existence she has always understood.

Olivia is a subspecies of vampire called The (redacted) and from the moment their eyes meet it is apparent that Olivia would gladly kill Brinn. Seth Cross is the leader of the opposing vampire subspecies called The (redacted). Brinn feels an immediate connection to him, finding that he can control her symptoms with his touch. Seth however, is Olivia’s boyfriend.

Brinn’s previously simple reality becomes tangled in the secrets lying in the dark history of The (redacted) and (redacted)s’ past. The two species only exist because of attempts made by an ancient vampire to create one being who could overthrow the current ruler of the supernatural world. When laws of that ruler are broken the mystery connecting Brinn’s symptoms to Seth and the ruler of the supernatural world will be revealed and life as she knew it will cease to exist.

Do you count the number of words as well? Even number of pages as a goal per day? I do count the number of words in my novels (as per agent requirements) Evanescent is a finished manuscript of 173,984 words. For comparison Stephenie Meyer's Twilight was approximately 170,304 words. I do not have a set amount of pages I write in a day. If I were to count anything as I wrote it would be words. Not pages.

Are you going to self publish your book? Publish it online? Is it available to read now? I don't plan on self publishing but if push comes to shove I MAY go that route. I really don't want to now. I am patient and I am waiting for the right agent who will want to represent me and my book (actually mine and my sister's book I should say - she has as much effort put into it as me) That being said only if I self publish will it be available online unless the traditional publisher decides to go that route and no it is not available to read right now but I can give you an excerpt. Sorry, it is one I have given before but it is my favorite.

'Static infuses the air of the room. It is palpable, tangible. The hairs on my arms stand at attention. A chill rises and then shivers back down my spine. My heart thuds arrhythmically causing my breath to stutter and when I swallow my throat is dry, parched. It is as if it is the first time I am seeing him. No, this time is unequivocally more intense. The sweet, unique smell of him in such close proximity is dizzying. I fight the black curtain that threatens to close over my conscious. I stand lost, mesmerized by the blue irises that swim. I could drown in the ripples of blue shadows overlapping each other. Sparkling sapphires only interrupted by his perfect onyx pupil and I am the cause. The catalyst for those ripples. The same way he charges the room with electricity, I cause his eyes to shimmer. Why? Because he is immortal . . . and I may be also.'

Copyright © 2010
K. Portillo & C. Davidson
All right reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced in any form without written permission from the authors.


The eats today were good. Lean Pocket and coffee with cream for breakfast. Homemade egg salad with 1 yolk and 3 egg whites mixed with 1 TBSP mayo and 1 TBSP 0 cal honey dijon mustard coupled with 10 roasted veggie ritz crackers. I had a peanut butter chocolate Fiber One Plus bar and then for dinner I had Stouffer's Lasagna in meat sauce for a grand total of 1630 calories consumed today.

Then earlier today I took a little more than a 20 minute, slow but consistent walk with my girls and then later tonight I took a 2.5 mile walk to the grocery store adding up to 520 cals burned, which brings me to a net calorie intake of 1110 calories. WAHOO an EVEN number. LOL

Tonight on my walk, though I was suddenly transported back into high school. Isn't it strange that no matter how old you are (when you have been overweight your whole life and teased your whole life) when you see those high school girls turn around to look at you and you know they're saying nasty stuff about you, how you just want to melt into a puddle on the floor and hope to be swept away by the rain. That is how I felt tonight. We walked by a McDonalds on the way to the grocery store. There were 3 teenage girls sitting behind the glass walls of the building and as we passed the one with her back to us turned and looked me straight in the eye, then turned back to her friends with wide eyes laughing and leaning in as if I could hear them talking about me. I felt embarrassed and insulted and horrible. Now, I know they are just immature high school girls. I know I am an adult now and need to see the petty behavior for what it really is (which is just immaturity and 'having fun') but it still hurts. It still brings back the memories of all the popular girls who either teased or snubbed me. It brings back all the memories of wanting to be accepted but knowing I wouldn't be because of my weight.

And lastly I will leave you with this because I think they are precious (then again I am biased). Here is a photo I took of my babies hugging each other this morning. I love them so.

XO Kristen


  1. that is a beautiful photo, captured the innocence and fun so purely

  2. Love love love babies. I wish Malcolm had a little sister so we could take pictures like this <3. Maybe soon, Justin wants to wait like another 3 years :( lol...

    SN: Screw those high school twits. That's what I always think when it happens to me. Honestly, when I was in high school, I was skinny but I hated myself so I picked on everyone else. Shit don't change. lol

  3. The pic is BEAUTIFUL. How adorable are those expressions. Two tangible blessings, right there. :)

    As far as the writing: Congrats for taking on such an undertaking. Anyone who HAS NOT tried to write THAT many words into a cohesive story has no clue how much focus and hard work is involved. I wish you well.

    You probably already know that you fall into the paranormal YA romance vibe/subgenre (or urban fantasy romance, depedning on how that works out). Clearly, the same vibe as TWILIGHT. And you probably already know that there are lots and lots of contests where you might be able to get that baby in front of a targeted agent/editor (such as the RWA chapter contests). I've had more than one online writer friend get a contract via exposure in one of those contests. :)

    I'm one of those neurotic idiots who's had 5 editors request my manuscript and then I paralyze with utter fear of failure. This is one of the things I need to get over before I'm a decrepit retiree. ; )

    You are starting young. It's a beautiful thing. Best of luck.

  4. Oh god, I know exactly what you mean about the snickering skinny girls... once in high school, some girls were walking behind me, and the next thing I know, they're yelling out, "Gorda! Gorda! Lose weight!" I was MORTIFIED. Needless to say, all the snickering over the years has really taken it's toll on me, anywhere I go, I feel like everyone is staring at me, making fun of how fat I am, it's even keeping me from walking around the neighborhood for excerise, because all I can think of is who's sitting at the window laughing at the fat girl huffing and puffing around the block... Hopefully someday that horrible feeling will go away!

    I nominated you for a blog award :)

  5. I am impressed with your ability to focus on such a profound undertaking such as the two novels of such gradeur in a series. I wish you the best and said a prayer for you. You are truly blessed with the little ones. Such delightful looking tots. I started out having a bad day and feel a little better having read about your successes. I am not jealous but happy for you. That in itself is a new concept for me! Keep at it. You are doing great.

  6. Your daughters are beautiful :) Congrats! on your book. Writing a book is a wonderful accomplishment and so are your weight loss goal. You are doing the hell (excuse my with those teenage girls.



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