Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The ex and I have been getting along really well. Really really well. (not THAT well)

He invited me to a friend's daughter's baptism at the end of this month and I accepted.

Then I remembered there were a few select friends he had thorough conversations with about our situation/fights/problems and I decided I didn't want to be involved in an uncomfortable situation if this friend was one of them.

So I asked him which friends he had told because he never disclosed who to me.

What does he say?

Something that makes me almost wish it was this guy.

Was it though? No.

So who was it?

Ana, Laura & Yuzmari aka the three women/friends he works with who have expressed interest in him if he were ever to divorce.

I'm crushed. I've allowed myself to get attached again. I don't really know what to do or how I should feel.

Yesterday I was looking for a Dora app on his iPhone for Buzzy but she lost interest so I looked at his text messages where he expresses to yuzmari & Ana that he loves them. ( te quiero- a friendly way to say I love you but it can be construed many ways) and he sends them hug and kisses and he misses them. :(

When I asked about the texts he said they were innocent.

I'm hurt though I'm not sure I have a right to be.

So confused! Thoughts?

Please be kind.

XO Kristen

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  1. If they were his sisters or cousins I would say innocent.

    Otherwise I would take care of myself if I were you. However you can best do that.

  2. What midlife_swimmer said. If you were married would it seem that innocent? My husband works with other women and if he said he missed them or sent them hugs and/or kisses there would be a major problem.

    OK. If it were me (and this is "just me" so it may not be what's best in your situation) I'd play a little hard to get. Not always available for him. Make him work for his time with you but when you're together you are super sweet. Like you hang the moon and make the sun shine. Make it where all other women pale in comparison to you. But you're a busy lady. You can't always be there when he calls. :)

    Some things (and I'm not proud of it but it did work like a charm) I've done when men folk have gotten too comfortable in the relationship (Read: taking me for granted):
    *suddenly went out of town without telling them (I was living at home and my mom had the pleasure of telling him. I wasn't really out of town though. A nasty lie meant to shake him up a little.)
    *sent myself flowers from a secret admirer and I thanked my boyfriend for them. He got extremely jealous and very protective after that.

    I know. Dirty tricks. But those texts are very flirtatious that your ex is sending. He may need to see the light.

  3. I can only say how I would feel. And that is really jealous. I would say take a bit of time to center yourself and pump up your independence and confidence a little. If you step back from the situation a little, its possible you might know better how to handle it.

  4. Never go through a guy's stuff. You'll hurt your own feelings every time.

    If you want him back - which sounds like a bad idea to me but it's your life - then take steps to do that. Otherwise, he can do as he pleases and as long as it doesn't negatively affect your girls it's not your business.


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