Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I've been surfing blogland lately I've noticed that there is an ebb and flow of weight-loss blogging. It's kind interesting actually to watch as people who set their best foot forth last year have tapered off (not all - and I love the two handfuls of people who are still on this journey with me from then) but then there are a whole new lot of people who have jumped on the proverbial wagon. It seemed 9 months ago it was all I could do to find NEW blogs to follow that kept their posts updated. Now, it seems that there are newbies everywhere!! And I am LOVING it. There is nothing (well, okay when it comes to the web) that makes me happier than finding new weight loss blogs (especially when the blogger is already succeeding!)

That said, I was wondering if anyone would like to do a guest post on my blog. If more than one person wants to I will do a compilation. The topic is Overeating Vs. Binging. You can write anything you want as it pertains to that subject. Put a comment under this post or E-mail me at Kreatingkristen@gmail.com if you are interested.

Doing well on my little journey over here. Zumba tonight but I'm kinda nervous because I pinched my sciatic nerve yesterday picking Breezy up wrong. Yikes!! Brings back the days of pregnancy induced sciatica. In any case that is all for now.

I do want to leave you with some flashback photos. I was reminiscing through my iPhone photo album and thought I'd share. They're all out of order, and I'm not in the mood to fix them but these are some of the one's dear to my heart.

Breezy the day she was born

Even at a couple months old Breezy had the best scrunchy face

My beautiful Buzzy - Only around 16 months old here

Buzzy jumping on the trampoline - one of the few photos of my backside that don't make me wanna barf

Ditto the caption from above

Breezy still makes the strangest albeit funniest faces

This is what Breezy does when you tell her to scrunch her nose

Proof that when she isn't making faces, she's actually quite a pretty baby

Buzzy at approximately 10 months old and me approxumately 6 months pregnant

7.5 months pregnant with Breezy

The bruise from the 20+ needles that were stuck in my back from the SPINAL FROM HELL

The most angelic face (in my own biased mother's mind) Buzzy at 8 months old (ready for Valentines day)
Thas all FOLKS

XO Kristen


  1. overeating vs. binging

    I have lots to say! I will email you something this evening on the topic :)

    LOVE the baby pictures! I can't hardly remember my teenagers being that small!

  2. You have beautiful girls, Kristen. They're both adorable and have beautiful, sweet faces. :)


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