Thursday, September 2, 2010


Katy over at Project-Look Good Naked challenged her readers to write some things that we love about ourselves.

I'm up for that challenge.



In fact, yesterday I was sitting in the car listening to music as I often do while the kidlets were sleeping in the backseat and while I was singing I started thinking *also as I often do while I'm driving and listening to music while the kidlets are sleeping in the backseat. I started thinking that I accept me - better said, I am coming to accept me. It's a strange revelation to try to look at yourself, flaws and all and truly accept yourself. Granted, I am not pleased with my health when it comes to weight nor am I pleased with physical appearance when it comes to weight but I know I am working on that and I am okay with that.

So, here are things I love about me:

1. I love my face - no really. I love that my eyes are big and expressive. I love that my nose is pointed and not too big or too small. I love that my lips are full and pink and have an awesome shape. I love that my skin is clear but freckled (although I don't think of myself as freckled . . . lol) and of course, my crowning glory (that I don't do much with) my hair. My hair frames my face and even after 3 pregnancies, 1 miscarriage and 2 births I have a ton of it!

2. I love that my body works. In a world where it seems so many people have so many allergies and so many problems with bodily function and different organs I am happy to say my body (other than weight) is in perfect running condition. I have better than perfect vision. I have had only 2 cavities in my whole life. I have no chronic illness, no allergies, no organ malfunction, no syndromes. I had 2 beautiful babies and have always had regular periods (when I wasn't messing with my cycle by either getting pregnant 3 times in a row one right after the other or by taking that stupid depo-provera shot) I love that my body responds to anesthesia correctly. I have heard many horror stories of patients put under and they were technically either paralyzed and awake or they could feel everything that was going on. For MY BODY AND IT'S CAPABILITIES I AM THANKFUL!


4. I love my sense of humor. I can find humor in almost any situation.

5. I love my convictions and what I stand for.

6. I love my love for God and my unending faith in Him.

7. I love my voice. Though I am sure I was not meant to be famous I love that my girls ask me to sing to them on a regular basis. I love that I am capable of carrying a tune.

8. I love that I have rhythm because I love music and I love to sing ^^^ see above and so having coordination and rhythm is a huge plus

9. I love who I am inside - as I am discovering her - and I am working on who I am on the outside - kreating Kristen, chiseling away at the mold one pound at a time until I'm satisfied.

XO Kristen


  1. Great post. I think its important to remember what we like about ourselves while we are fixing what we dont. To often I only see what I dont like.


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