Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I weighed myself today. 275. Back in the right direction. 3lbs down so far from last week. 274 is the magic number though. I need to get past 274.





 I am really looking forward to seeing 269.

That being said I have been doing REALLY well on my plan. Every day has ended just around 1500 calories or less.

I am getting better at telling myself no.

And I really liked an excerpt from Allan's (Almost Gastric Bypass) blog. It spoke to me. Maybe because I am going through a reunion between my husband and myself or maybe just because IT'S TRUE! Regardless, I agree with Allan on the following and I need to try to follow this.

(I apologize in advance for his language - I'm not a fan of the F-BOMB - just a warning)

'Finally, about the commitment part, and this if for you folks that are dating, engaged, or married. You have committed to a diet, you talk about it, write about, seek refuge in it, and want to be patted on the head when you are successful. We all do that around here. If you are in a committed relationship, is it okay for your partner to fuck your neighbor ? Is it okay for you to screw the parking attendant ? What about that long lost love ? Do ya feel me ? Are you committed to losing weight, really committed ? Think about how you would feel when your partner comes home with a new friend, just once, and they want to get right back on the horse ? All good ? Same thing kids, commit to something !!!'

While many find him abrasive, I think his is just another journey that I am inspired by. How can you not be? I mean truly, regardless of how you feel about him, the man has lost 116lbs in  116 days. WHAT?!?!

I have been on this journey for 251 days or 8 months and 8 days. If I had lost 1lb every day like him I would have been at my ultimate goal 61 days ago. HOT DAMN what I wouldn't give to have done that. OH YEAH!! I know what I wouldn't give. LOL I guess those extra calories and those 3 months that I went bat shit crazy, spilt kerosene all over the wagon and attempted to set fire to it as I sprinted in the opposite direction. Thank God I failed at failing.

XO Kristen


  1. It isn't about how fast you lose it, it's about keeping it off. You are doing well there. Just keep moving forward. commitment and consistency are key. And you are finding it. you are doing good....can't wait to see you in the 260's as well.

  2. Everybody's journey is different. I also admire Allan, However, I think it's a wee bit of a stretch to equate "cheating" on your diet with "cheating" on your partner. Letting yourself down on your commitment to yourself is not a good thing, but betraying your commitment to another person with another person, brings a whole lot of other people into your circle of misery. I do understand the point he's trying to make, though.

  3. I also understand his point, but that's too extreme. If I cheated on my hubby it would make me vomit with guilt. Cheating on my diet would just make me want to vomit from fullness. Haha.

  4. Its never over till you give up:) And its true once you make a commitment come hell or highwater you should try to get through. Personally I have no idea why I won't keep the same commitment to myself when I diet.

  5. You'll get down. Good weight loss, and you'll continue to do it. Good job, and good luck!

  6. And the thing about us women is we have frickin' hormones and water gain. I know every month when I get my period I do not lose that entire week. Sucks ass!


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