Saturday, September 4, 2010


And apparently so does the interior of a car.

I am tired tonight. Emotionally drained. I will not go into detail.

But I will say I heard a conversation between three people (whom I love - family) that I was not supposed to hear.

A conversation between those three people about me.

A conversation between those three people that had no basis.

A conversation based on misconception-assumption.

A conversation that hurt me.

Not only because they were talking about me the way they were but because what they were saying wasn't true.

The air has been cleared. I am no longer hurt. The miscommunication and assumptions have been stated and corrected. But my emotional expenditure is at it's limit. I don't even have enough left in me to write a thoughtful post.

So I will tell you what I ate today.

1 cup coffee with 2tbps sugar free cream
6 inch subway sandwich on wheat with honey mustard dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickles, cucumbers, onions, olives, banana peppers, vinegar and salt&pepper
Baked lays BBQ potato chips
2 35 calorie bags of sliced apples
Diet coke
1 fiber one plus bar
Lean Cuisine spaghetti in meat sauce

Total of 1302 calories

That's all I got



  1. Today (Sunday) is not only a new day but the beginning of a new week. You seem to be doing well with your food. Hurray! You don't mention that you are chewing on the upholstery. If I were in your shoes, my dog's stuffed animals would be seriously worried about now. Hope this day is brighter.

  2. Eh, people, even when you love them, are stupid. Don't sweat it. Sorry someone else's thoughts ruined your day. Today will be better.


  3. Hey(:, I left you an award on my page, I hope you enjoy♥

  4. Don't let other people rule how you feel about yourself. Especially if they're made from misconceptions and assumptions.


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