Saturday, October 23, 2010


When you are losing a significant amount of weight nobody tells you that:

  • The weight loss will first be visible in your face, your boobs and your ass (even if your boobs and ass are already non existent)
  • When your weight loss is not yet extremely obvious people will stare at you for long periods of time wondering what has changed but generally they won't ask
  • The fatty bat wings that hang off your biceps will not disappear. They will only get longer and looser and more 'flappy'.
  • You will not only be able to pinch an inch of skin from your body but you will be able to pinch several inches deep of skin and then pull it away from your body like a piece of thick clothing.
  • Cellulite will lessen but the sag of extra skin will create creases and dimples giving the illusion that rather than losing cellulite you are in fact, compacting your butt, belly, thighs and arms with cottage cheese.
  • Your private parts will become visible, and you will not recognize them
  •  Skin near said private parts can become so overly stretched and thin that when massive weight loss occurs it can actually be shredded by rough clothing  (believe me. I know. It has happened and it HURTS!)
Ok, your turn. Add your own in the comments.

XO Kristen


  1. Nobody told me my hip bones were freakishly 2/3rds of my short little body is actually leg and like 1/3 is torso...yeah.
    okay, I'm done now.

  2. My first visit ever and I already love your blog.
    Also it's not even 6:30am so I can't think of one :)

  3. Here's another:

    The first time you feel your hip bones while standing you will think "WTH is this?!?! A growth? ACK, I'm gonna die!!!!...oh...It's just me. Duh....OoOo Hip bones!!! *poke poke poke*"

  4. Nobody told me that I was so well endowed, covered by the bulk of a belly and hiding like a turtle. Alright, TMI maybe, but you asked.. Yeah, I am the man now,,,, Sorry, had to..

  5. rolf!

    I don't really know many changes yet....but I'm looking forward to all of the above hehe

  6. * sitting in bleachers is painful - there are BONES in your butt?!
    * glacing in reflective objects becomes a time consuming past time
    * takes you longer to fall asleep because you keep feeling your body and discovering ribs, pelivs, collar bones, etc.
    * Your hubby/partner starts to stay up later than you just so HE (she...) doens't have to feel those bones (again and again)
    * Your hubby/partner starts to keep YOU up later feeling other things... wink wink

  7. My husband felt something on my back the other day and asked what it was? It was my rib bone..LOL.

  8. First time visiting your blog...

    Some of these things scare me. :)

  9. That the waist that is becoming defined, is also defining the fat that is still bulky in other areas.

  10. Yeah... I noticed yesterday when I had to return a bra that I went down in size AND cup! Normally I'd love that since they are large enough to hurt, but with my belly still so big... it's kinda sad.

  11. I resonated with number two-bullet point. People look at me long and hard, but do not say anything so far. I would add, you can bend down and tie your shoes; you can fit easier in an airplane seat and in those little desks at college/university. Michele

  12. I have noticed that the chairs at work don't seem so small anymore. I love that I can sit down in them and don't always feel both of the arms in my side!


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