Thursday, October 28, 2010


I lost a bit of control (not a ton... I didn't binge) but enough to make me feel like crap. Now all I wanna do is take a nap. So, lunch was such a shitfest that I really don't have more than 50 cals for dinner. I'm guessing I should just skip dinner & suffer?? Here's to hoping my gramma can babysit tonight so I can zumba...

XO Kristen

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  1. Don't eat unless you are hungry. Don't suffer....when I limit myself to very little or no food I end up binging :( I wish you the best

  2. Go to be as early as your girls. That will help with dinner. :)

    Have soup--something brothy that will give your belly expansion. Have protein--it gives a sense of fullness. So, maybe a soup and some scrambled egg whites? If you allow yourself 200 to 300, you won't set yourself up for a binge by being too hungry. Then you can deduct the 200 or so from your meals tomorrow, or 100 for each of the next two days and be right back on track. :)

    So, what did you eat at lunch that was so shitfesty?

    Hope your tummy stays quiet...

  3. Don't skip dinner! If you like shrimp, you can have quite a bit (plain or with pepper or paprika) for under 50 calories. Just ask Allan; I bet he can tell you how much you can have! They'll fill you up, too.


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